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Natural World Argan Oil Range

Natural World make a great range of hair products I often see on the shelves at my local supermarket and chemist. What I didn’t realise is that they also do a fabulous body range as well for skincare.

I indulged in some Argan Oil of Morocco products, taken in by the gorgeous smell.

Natural World is the products of hair and beauty experts in the heart of London. As the name suggests the products are natural and organic. They offer ranges for different hair types such as frizzy, dry, damaged etc. As my hair is coloured I choose the repair range containing Argan.

Argan Oil of Morocco Range for Hair

It is always best to team products correctly that they compliment each other. Therefore, I used the Shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil from this range.

Each is moisture rich and infused with certified organic Argan Oil as well as some hidden ingredients in the form of oil of Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang. It gives it the divine smell that holds in your hair and you can smell all day!

The ingredients are 95% natural and organic and it is these that make the hair smooth, soft and repair some of the damage from colouring and heated products.

Once a week or every ten days I have been doing the oil treatment. Simply apply to damp hair, concentrating on lengths and ends after washing and conditioning. Comb through and dry and style as usual, no need to rinse. If you don’t fancy using in this way you can mix with the conditioner and use more as a mask on the hair. Either way the results are great. My hair felt soft and looked super shiny but not greasy. The oil is rich in Vitamin E making your hair healthy.

Argan Oil of Morocco Range for Body and Face

In the last year or so I have converted to oils over creams for body moisturiser. You may think oils are greasy but in fact those designed for the body and face penetrate the skin well and dry quickly. Far better than creams which can make you feel damp, take ages to dry and the water content can sometimes irritate my skin. I find oils go further, last longer and are more intensive than creams.

The Argan body and face oil dies not disappoint. I love the fact it is non-greasy and can be used all over my body and face. It is silky and rapidly absorbed plus it smells amazing! Blended with Rosehip Fruit Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.


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