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No pain, no gain?! Treatments 101

The most common question I am asked about any cosmetic treatment is if it hurt.

Our definition of pain is totally subjective. I will endure a lot of pain is it promises to make me beautiful, shallow I know.

The truth is the more treatments you have the more you can tolerate, much like children. After your first time it's a lot easier, you know what to expect and you are less nervous. The main thing to remember is to tell your practitioners you are nervous, if you need a moment to relax or have a glass of water do so and don't feel embarrassed your reaction is natural.

Here is a quick guide to treatments I have had scoring each on:

Pain or Discomfort: how invasive and uncomfortable is the treatment from 'just a pinch' to OUCH!!!

Price: is it worth the money or the pain? do the results reflect the price? £ means affordable, ££ reasonable, £££ worth the expense, ££££ yikes, if you have the money why not?! £££££ over priced for results achievable.

Results: noticeable? do they last? do they make a significant difference? the more clipboards the better.


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