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Pre and Post Birth Skincare - Jane

During pregnancy I was blessed with great skin. I thought the surge in hormones would give me breakouts and cause my rosacea to flare but in fact it had the opposite effect giving me a clear complexion with just some general greasy patches and the odd blemish.

Immediately post pregnancy I was also lucky to have clear and refreshed skin, although suffering from eye bags and more wrinkles than I would like because of lack of anti-wrinkle treatments.

It was not until about 2-3 weeks post pregnancy that I noticed my skin changing again. The hormones have started to level, and my dry skin is returning. I realise that the last few months and weeks have really taken out all my ‘oomph’ and I am starting to rely on reserves for vitamins and minerals my body so clearly needs.

As well as taking supplements, eating healthy (thanks to my husband for cooking for me!) I know I need to feed myself both from the inside out and the outside in. That is where Jane Scrivner’s 5 A Day Skincare has really been a saving grace.

The ethos of the Jane Scrivner brand is to ‘refigure and replace what is lost and return your natural glow’ and ‘feed your skin healthy’. The idea being that instead of using products purely to repair the damage and problems our skin faces we focus on creating and growing healthy skin to start, so the situations don’t arise.

The 5 a day skincare range is designed to get you into a routine, with every item made to tackle a skincare issue or potential problem. The mix of exfoliator, cream and serum is designed to feed skin that has been stripped bare of essentials like skin oils and hydrators.

The sole purpose of the routine is to feed the skin, allow it the nutrients it needs to repair and grow and then protect against the elements including ageing and skin inflammation; nourishing, regulating, reconfiguring, balancing and replenishing.

The 5 stages of the range are as follows:

#1 Nourishing Cleanser: a balm used with a soft cloth to soother and rebalance the skin. This balm is organic and contains essential oils to decongest the skin without that tight or dried out feeling. I love that soft cotton mitt and the feel of the balm which makes it more of a spa experience at home.

#2 Skinfoliate: a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep across the face, this exfoliate is gentle on the skin. I used it twice a week and you can increase depending on skin tolerance. I felt the different in skin texture immediately while it did not dry out my face.

#3 Bioluronic Buzz: a gel to firm and soothe the skin containing hyaluronic acid. Great for sensitive or acne prone skin. Worked well on my dry skin and left my complexion feeling and looking fuller.

#4 Skin Elixir; a pro collagen, pro elastin serum used to provide luminescence. This forms a barrier for the skin and locks in that hydration.

#5 OO Cream; by far my favourite part because of the smell and how quickly the cream sinks into my skin making it feel smooth and no greasy.

'OO' Cream locks in the nutrients of your daily facial routine whilst forming a fine film to protect from TEWL (trans epidermal water loss). A unique function through a fabulous combination of organic and natural phyto ingredients to fully protect and maintain Healthy Skin. from

You can purchase direct from the website as a bundle for £141 or purchase items separately

I highly recommend the exfoliate and OO Cream if you want to start with a few items from the range to test. Both have proved to have instant benefits to my skin and no adverse effects. The bundle is reasonably priced for a luxury skincare range and as you would expect the items last a long time. It will be adding more items from the site to my Christmas list!


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