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Science in Skin solution for Scars

33 years old, I am bound to have some scars and marks on my skin!

I have a scar through my eyebrow from a childhood incident and the hair would not grow back, it meant I looked like I was part of some girl gang. This was one of the reasons for getting semi-permanent eyebrows to disguise this.

Another facial scar is from the removal of a mole. I have small scars from chicken pox’s, spots and so on but the most noticeable mark is on my cheek close to my ear. I had a light mole that was hardly noticeable, over the course of a year or so it went very dark, nearly black. The doctors advised it was removed and this resulted in a pretty deep incision and stitches to my face.

Immediately after the surgery I was particular about applying moisturiser. I used various products to assist in the healing and the location of the scar meant I could easily disguise it with my hair. One such products I have been using on the scar is Science in Skin.

This cream is clinically proven to reduce scars by over 40%! It was founded by two cosmetic surgeons, and contains the active ingredient, EGCG.

EGCG is a green tea extract which proves to penetrate the skin and reduce redness and soothes any swelling.

The solution can be used on scars, burns, or marks that are red, raised or irritable. My main issue with my scar was that you could see where the stitches had been made in a pattern across my cheek.

The solution works on both old and new scars, (the skin needs to be free from stitches and dressing and newly heeled with no broken skin). I also used it on a scar on my upper leg that is approx. 1 inch long. Again it was a mole removal and goes pretty deep. The area where it is means there is some skin dimpling and redness.

I used less than a pea sized amount to massage into the scars for approximately 1 minute. A little goes a long way and the product was easy to apply in a pump style dispenser bottle.

I have been using the cream twice a day when I get out of the shower morning and night. It is not tacky and dries nicely on the skin so I can put my clothes on after application.

I have noticed the scar on my leg reduce in redness. I still need more time with the scar on my face as this is more white then red like a stretch mark in appearance. However it has reduced in inflammation and is a lot smoother and let raised.

You can see some more reviews on the website and some of the before and after pics are pretty impressive.


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