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Shower Me With Scents

Due to some home renovations we are currently without a bath. It surprises me how much I miss the opportunity to grab half hour alone to soak. My favourite pastime is to read in a tub full of bubbles and enjoy a new product like a scrub or moisturising oil.

Instead, we are lucky enough to have a spacious shower and to make this more enjoyable I have been trying some new toiletries.

The first is a classic, and a well known brand Bronnley’s. Known for its gift sets and regency style natural scents including lavender, lemon and English fern. The products are a staple gift choice for our family around Christmas.

I tried the wonderfully packaged rose set inducing soap and eau de toilette.

The soaps are milled, which means essentially they are pressed and rolled to make them harder therefore longer lasting. This is a french invention most likely taken from when the founder James Bronnley travelled to France to study the art of developing olfactive scents, or in other words how we smell things. 18th century France was at the cutting edge of fragrance development at the time and from this period Bronnley 1884 was born.

Bronnley have a range of scents not just rose, but this is my favourite. The scents last on the skin without being overpowering and it makes showering enjoyable.

I also like Bronnley as a hand soap or a scented display soap. It keeps its freshness and so it makes the perfect soap to use in your lingerie draw.

If you cannot get enough of the scent then try the sprays which come in the perfect handbag friendly size. The best part of the Bronnley floral range is it doesn't smell of chemicals, rather it smells fresh and like walking in a beautiful English garden.

Scent Filled Scrubs

The shower is perfect for body scrubs as your can wash away any residue. For this reason I have indulged in Kuida facial and body scrub.

Kuida are a Colombian brand which incorporates CBD into their products. CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in marijuana plants. I have heard of its use in a medical scene and taken orally but I have not experienced it in beauty products.

The Kuida range mixes CBD found in hemp with skincare ingredients to make a potent antioxidant for the skin. Benefits include anti-ageing, hydration and protection from free radicals.

The range is cruelty free, and free of parabens and THC.

The body scrub is also suitable for the face. It contains peach nut seeds which exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. It smells delicious and is in an easy use container that is shower friendly. The scent from the scrub stays on my skin even after I am dry and the added moisture makes my skin soft and smooth.

I followed the scrub with the pump bottle body lotion. The fast absorbing cream smells amazing but not overpowering. I even apply this cream throughout the day just for the smell. The cream absorbed so quickly and easily that I could get dressed almost immediately while my skin feels hydrated.

The Kuida products are great value for money, and available from


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