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Sugar Coated Vegan Home Wax Kits

Making beauty treatments ethical, eco-friendly and vegan.

Old traditions in beauty therapy are making a comeback. The industry seems to have realised that some of the time old, classic methods for self-care are often the best and most sustainable. Sugar Coated hair removal waxes are just one of the many brands taking the waxing sector by storm.

Founded by Rosie Khandwala, Sugar Coated waxes, suitable for body and face are formulated from sugar syrup and water, 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly.

TTT speaks with Rosie Khandwala who runs the business with her son Noor Khandwala. A true family ethos runs through the ethical and eco-friendly brand.

You can see more about Sugar Coated and also purchase via stockists such as Feel Unique.

What makes Sugar Coated unique or new to the market space?

Beauty treatments generally are popular following trends. The hair removal culture is embedded in our lifestyle and is a stable part of the beauty regimen. However, the basic practice of removing hair from the root does not change.

Sugar Coated adds a twist on the traditional waxes and sugar waxes in the market right now. Formulated from only sugar syrup and water, it has been adapted from the oldest traditional practice but refined to be relevant and adaptable to the consumers demand. It is 100% natural and eco-friendly and the only British waxing brand to be registered with the Vegan Society and certified as cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.

It also as gives a consumers the opportunity to have a salon quality treatment in safety and comfort of their home.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I moved to the UK in 1987 with my husband and son and pregnant with my second son. After the birth I was eager to keep myself busy and thought I would use my experience working as a beauty therapist in Tanzania to do some mobile beauty therapy. In the search for my trusty sugar wax, that we would make in Tanzania, I came up short and soon found out it didn’t exist in the market. So I began making my own in the kitchen. I soon realised there was an opportunity to introduce the concept of sugar waxing to the UK and so I did.

What were you doing before you started the business? how did you get here?

My early years were spent working as an apprentice in a family salon which offered treatments based on more on holistic approach. All treatments and products were derived from pure natural ingredients.

Sugar wax for hair removal was one of the most popular and frequent beauty treatments in the tropics. Mixing sugar with lemon juice cooked to a spreadable consistency for waxing. I learnt how to make this

Have you included any female focussed workplace policies or initiatives to help women in the workplace?

As a company we do not discriminate gender. I am proud that my son has stepped in our business, considering this is more a female related treatment. As a young men he has learnt the skills performing the treatment understanding issues related to hair removal in general for both men and women. Ultimately, we are a family owned and operated business and have been for 30 years. My son and I manufacture and pack the products.

Where do you see the brand going now? new markets? new products?

Since rebranding two years ago we have seen the brand distribution going from strength to strength. We are currently in 20 countries and are looking at the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America as next markets to pursue. There are two products in the pipeline to be launched next year which will branch us out as more than just a hair removal brand but to round us out as more of a beauty brand.

What piece of advice would you give someone entering the beauty market space?

Beauty is one of industries which very much brand driven. My advice would be regardless of how great your product is, research is key especially contacting buyers and getting the feel of the market. In my experience selling is the most challenging part.

As autumn approaches, I am featuring a series of female led beauty businesses on the TTT blog. These businesses all have strong female founders empowering the industry and providing an insight into the world of business ownership. With its lows comes some amazing highs and a lot of hard work. Check back weekly for more female focused business insights.


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