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Teeth Whitening & Dental Health

There are lots of products on the market to gently whiten teeth. Many are natural and harmless to teeth. Check out the latest teeth whitening products available for home use.

Procoal Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

I love the Essex smile. The bright white, pearly teeth, shiny like diamonds in the mouth and a flash of red lipstick.

Unfortunately the only way the celebs can get their nashers so brilliantly white is via veneers or harmful chemicals and processes. I would not like either of these treatments therefore I try have been searching for the best high street teeth whitening product around. This month I have been using activated charcoal!

No, I didn’t get a lump of coal for Christmas! This new product is powdered charcoal used for teeth whitening. Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. It is a naturally absorbing product that is a great holistic alternative to harsh and man mad chemicals. It has been used for everything from facials to hangover cures.

Procoal charcoal is 100% natural, bonus! It does not contain fluoride which most whitening toothpastes do. It works by absorbing stains of your teeth and absorbing bacteria in your mouth leaving it fresh.

When I opened the tub I was shocked at how dark the powder is. A little alarming as this was going straight on my teeth to make them whiter!

You simply take a little bit of the powder and apply to your toothbrush and clean your teeth as usual. Be warned it can get messy and it is advisable to utilise the lid of the tub. You only need a little powder to cover the top of wet toothbrush bristles and you can use it up to 5 times a week. Do not expect the product to foam either, as it is totally natural and no added properties.

It is an unusual means of cleaning your teeth but I have been impressed. I used for one week and noticed a difference and I will definitely be using it again and ordering more. It’s an affordable and non-harmful means of whitening my teeth. I have sensitive teeth and this product did not affect them at all.

One drawback is that if you have ‘gappy’ teeth like mine you might need to floss after you brush your teeth to remove any residue. I found the less powder I used the less it got stuck in my teeth and gaps. So it is a matter of trial and error until you get the right amount.

100% natural, 100% for ease of use and 100% recommended by me!

Instant Whites

Every time I read a magazine or watch the TV I look at the bright white teeth of the on screen celebs and wonder how they get them that shade!

I have very sensitive teeth. Just using a whitening toothpaste off the shelf at any supermarket can cause pain. In fact, as well as being a human conductor for electricity I am also the only person I know who shudders when I hear a ceramic bowl hint the taps.

So what does a girl with hugely sensitive teeth do about whitening?

I have tried a lot of products from laser (it’s a no for me) to whitening strips banned in the UK for their strength.

This time round I tried a safer route with Instant Whites. The 7 day system has been developed by a leading team of dentists and scientists. So already it feels safer than your friend’s laser beamer!

The product, which comes in a handy case, is completely peroxide free (so zero sensitivity) and achieves results within 5 minutes.

One of the worst things about teeth whitening treatments is that firstly they can cause sensitivity and second they can be uncomfortable. With Instant Whites there is no sensitivity, no mouth guards or funny contraptions.

You take a swab and break the seal so the whitening formula soaks the swab tip. Then you rub each tooth with the swab for a total of about 5 minutes. I flossed and brushed then applied the swab to the teeth surface and rinsed off. I found it easier to do at night time when I had stopped eating and drinking and continue for 7 days.

The change is not drastic but it is significant. I am an avid tea drinker so there was some staining but generally I am pretty particular about my oral hygiene. I really felt for someone like me the whitening powers of these little swabs was just right. Not so strong it hurt my teeth or damaged them, light enough not to blind people every time I spoke and natural looking. Most of all easy to use!

Instant Whites 7 day whitening system £24.99 is now available from Boots stores and

Ultradex toothpaste & mouthwash

For the last 5 weeks I have been using UltraDex Sensitive toothpaste and mouth wash.

Around 10 years ago I had all my wisdom teeth removed as they were causing all sorts of problems mainly ulcer and gum related. I suffered badly from re-occurring tonsillitis and gingivitis. As soon as my wisdom teeth were removed I started to get better and since then my gingivitis seems to have bitten the dust, no pun intended.

I still suffer when I am stressed and run down so I am pretty choosy when it comes to toothpastes and mouth washes. I love to have clean white teeth and pride myself that I have no fillings but a lot of products used in teeth whitening can be harsh on your teeth and gums and spark problems like ulcers. If you have a sensitive mouth like me you might like UltraDex.

Available in supermarkets UK Wide the set is an inexpensive way to look after your teeth.

The toothpaste feels minty and fresh but it does not foam like usual paste. This is a bit odd to begin with but you soon get used to it. Used with the mouthwash your mouth feels really clean and fresh.

When I take a swig of the mouthwash, unlike other more harsh mouthwashes that contain alcohol, you do not instantly get a sting or a mint flavour this comes after you wash and spit. The mouthwash does not contain alcohol and is recommend by dentists! The mouthwash is also re-calcifying, what is that!? well it repairs the damage to your teeth made by acidic foods and erosion. It restores the natural whiteness and cleans away bacteria and plaque without being overly harsh on your mouth.

As a gentle toothpaste and mouthwash I definitely recommend this. I use both twice a day and if like me you are paranoid about your breathe smelling of tea then this product is great as it eliminates smells for 12+ hours.

You can buy it here

Polished Teeth Whitening Powder

Wow! I love this stuff!

You know the feeling when you leave the dentist after a scale and polish feeling like your mouth is the cleanest place on earth and you never want to eat or drink again? Well it’s like that.

Polished teeth whitening powder is a at home treatment. You simply use either after your regular toothpaste or as a substitute once or twice a week. It feels just like a polish from your dentist but way nicer!

I used this twice a week for two weeks a noticed a difference, I will continue and see how I get on. You simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and then brush your teeth as usual for 2-3 minutes.

My first week I used my normal sensitive toothpaste then washed out and used the polish. I found this was more than enough and so the second week I tried it as a substitute and it worked great. It’s lovely and minty and does not contain any thing harmful for your teeth.

I have sensitive teeth and I love to use whitening products. Usually these two don’t mix, as whitening products can be harsh on your enamel and teeth as a whole.

Pictures show the results from week 2, I will upload some more as I continue. It is recommended for those who smoke or drink red wine, I do neither but I do drink a lot of tea so this will help to keep on top of those faint stains.



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