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The Collagen Collective

Liquid, tablet, shakes and sachets. What are the best forms of collagen available and how do they compare? Find out in my review of the top collagen supplements on the market.

PuroLabs Puro Collagen Complex

By far the easiest form of collagen supplement is the Puro Collagen Complex in tablet form. The capsules are your usual capsule size. Previously I have ordered tablet collagen from health food suppliers and found the tablets huge and difficult to swallow, but the PuroLabs version are much easier.

Just two tablets a day provide the recommend amount of nutrients including 1100mg of collagen, accompanied by Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Selenium. All the essentials for radiant skin.

I also found the tablets a cost-effective option, with one off purchase or a subscription model available.

After a months use I noticed my skin appeared and felt more hydrolysed and plumper. The dry skin and itchy feeling that plagued me for months had disappeared.

The capsules are marine based, sustainably sourced and MSC certified. Non-GMO, and do not contain gluten, wheat or dairy.

Monat Collagen Key

Apart from the super cute packaging and gorgeous colour combo, this is also the tastiest vegan collagen I have tried.

While a little pricier at £60 for 30 serving the Monat Collagen Key provides a 100% vegan collagen supplement option designed to support your body’s own ability to produce collagen.

One scoop of powder provides all you need for the day in apricot and passion fruit flavour. There is no added artificial sugars or flavours, and it is surprisingly delicious and great with your breakfast routine.

The powder contains vegan sourced amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, B2, and Biotin. The mix of ingredients helps your body to maintain and support normal functions like building and repairing connective tissue.

After a month of continual use I found a marked difference in my nails and skin. It also is said to help reduce the adverse effects on skin, hair and nails created by stress. This is particularly important for me as I recently had a baby and I needed something to help me to repair and rebalance.

Forever Living Marine Collagen

The Forever Living Collagen drinks come highly regarded. With hundreds of positive reviews, the mini sachets are a convenient way to get your vital vitamins in one dose.

They do come with a hefty price tag of £90 per 30 sachets which is not cheap but well invested if you are serious about skin care.

The handy pouches have a pleasant taste and I found them especially useful when I was on the go. No need for water and all pre-made.

The sachets have won numerous awards across the years as the leading marine collagen supplement. There liquid form makes it easy to digest and are broken down by the body quickly and efficiently. The liquid is highly concentrated and contains Hydrolysed fish collagen, vitamin C, vitamin A, green tea, zinc and biotin. Key ingredients for improved skin hydration, texture and firmness.

Forever Marine Collagen boast that they are both a skincare and beauty solution. They also aid the healthy maintenance of nails and bones.

I love the ease of these sachets and found them value for money although on the higher price range.

Clinic Nutrition Cutizana

If you are looking for a high strength collagen in liquid format but at a more affordable price then Cutizana is the perfect solution.

The liquid has a lovely berry flavour and is supplied in 500ml bottles. Although not as convenient as sachets the bottle format is easy to add into your morning routine.

Just one capful supplies a hugely concentrated 10 grams of marine collagen. It also contains hyaluronic acid and biotin. With added amino acids for keratin and elastin. In terms of nutrients, it outperforms all tablet forms of collagen and the format makes it easier to digest.

In addition to the collagen supplement I also tried the Vitaliti liquid supplement with a lovely orange flavour. It contains 28 vitamins, more than any other tablet form multi-vitamin and its liquid form make it super-efficient.

I took my Vitaliti shot at lunch times as not to mix the strong flavours with my collagen shots in the morning.

Vitaliti is recommended and sold in physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics and I can see why. I felt not just more energetic, but I also felt an improvement in my immunity. I took the supplement through the winter when I usually have a continual cold. This year I seemed to avoid the lingering cold symptoms and cough and I think this is if not all, in part to the supplements.

Cartonica Liquid Joint Supplement from Clinic Nutrition, review by The Polished Man in London

Years of running and taking part in marathons has not been kind to my joints, especially my knees. I have tried various knee and ankle supports, gels and creams but these all mask the problem and do not get to the underlying issue. My joints are ageing and I need to take better care of them.

The Cartonica liquid supplement is perfect for me as it is easy and convenient. I hate taking tablets whereas a pleasant, fruity shot of nutrients and vitamins is much more appealing. There really is no reason not to take it either and no excuse. One shot contains 6,000mg of nutrients, including Glucosamine Sulphate + Chondroitin Sulphate. It also contains collagen which is important for connective tissues and bone function. It also means I have the added benefits of collagen for my skin.

I noticed a difference within a week of taking the supplement with a better recovery from my running sessions and less joint pains in the mornings especially in the colder weather.


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