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The Collagen Supplement Guide

The best collagen supplements for your lifestyle, requirements, and budget!

No amount of creams, serums or masks will repair your skin as well as nourishment from the inside out. While I attempt to cover the impact of too much sun and too little sleep with make-up, non-surgical treatments, and potions I need to work on my diet and general wellbeing.

As we age, we lose a vital component of skin firmness and subtleness, collagen. We make far less than we do in our youth and as a result the skin becomes looser, dry and wrinkles and fine lines appear. We cannot stop this process, but we can encourage the body to produce more collagen and also supplement our skin from the inside out.

I look at the top selling collagen supplements, each with its own unique properties. Some are suitable for vegetarians (made from synthetic collagen, not bovine or marine) while others are kosher. Some taste great while others are in a handy capsule for those on the go. There is suitable, high-quality collagen for every requirement and budget, you just need to know where to look!

The Sustainable Choice

Cytoplan is the leading food-based and ethical supplement company established over 30 years. As a company, they invest in health and nutritional projects and issues including global warming, community wellbeing and mental health.

This unique collagen supplement comes in a powder form that can be added to drinks, smoothies and even yoghurt. It is odourless and tasteless making it super easy to add to your diet.

The Peptan® type 1 sustainable marine collagen peptides, which are the main ingredient in Cytoplan Marine Powder, provide a supportive formula to aid the structure, elasticity, texture, strength and resilience of the skin and to support the overall health of all connective tissue in the body.

This along with the amino acids included in the formula have ensured that this winter my skin has stayed hydrated no matter how much it has been exposed to the cold and hot climates of central heating. In fact, this winter was the first to date that I have not had an outbreak of eczema. A careful balance of creams, serums, bathing products accompanied by my supplements has ensured the best skin health. I truly believe that feeding the skin from the inside out really contributes to skin health and keeping skin issues at bay.

As well as being sustainable, Cytoplan contains no artificial colours, sugars, dairy, wheat, gluten or soy, Marine Collagen is also non-GMO and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

· Sustainable and certified

· Can be added to drinks, smoothies, and yoghurt

· Contains no artificial colours, sugars, wheat, gluten or diary

The Ethically Sourced Choice

CORREXIKO has risen to a top seller in the USA since its launch in 2016. Although owed by a British medical doctor and his wife the brand is relatively new in the UK.

CORREXIKO collagen prides itself on being the world’s premium marine collagen.

Unlike cheaper collagen brands imported from Vietnam and China, this brand uses unfarmed fish who have not had exposure to high levels of pollutants, antibiotics, GMO feed and growth hormones.

CAORREXIKO marine collagen comes in a powder form designed to be mixed with water. It is odourless and tasteless and ultra-fine which helps it dissolve. I found one affordable pouch that lasted me a month and I had it with tepid water. I find it easier to drink than with very cold water and more comfortable on my stomach.

Not only does the powder form easily dissolve but also the peptides in the powder have been double hydrolysed to make them easily adsorbable into the bloodstream.

I have noticed when I start the day with this collagen drink I do feel fuller for longer and less hungry. Whether this is because of the glass of water or the collagen I am pleased either way and it is a positive start to the day.

If you dislike powder then capsules are also available and a choice of marine or bovine collagen. Both ethically sourced and premium quality.

· Premium Quality

· Ethically Sourced

· Affordable supplement

The Vegetarian Choice

Rejuvenated is a recognised name in Collagen supplements. They have won numerous awards and have been shortlisted for many more.

I opted for the VeggieCol capsules from the range as they are easy to take, great for on the go and low on the packaging.

Unlike most collagen supplements the VeggieCol capsules do not include marine or bovine sources of collagen. The formula is totally natural and provides results that rival its competitors.

The formula also includes hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and B, and zinc which all protect the skin against ageing.

VeggieCol from Rejuvenated is available from several online beauty retailers and they offer a subscription service, so you need never run out.

I noticed the impact this had on my skin in less than 7 days. While sometimes my skin can feel rough or crepe-like in the winter after just a week of these supplements it has been feeling softer, more elastic, and hydrated. I also noticed the rough texture has gone and I am exfoliating less.

- Great for on the go

- Convenient packaging and ordering

- Vegetarian!

The Tasty Choice

The name is a little deceiving as this comes in powder form not individual shots like glucose pouches etc. However, it is just as convenient and tastes great.

This supplement is made of marine sourced collagen and unlike the VeggieCol the powder is not vegan or vegetarian. It is however flavoured, and this makes a huge difference if you like the taste of course.

Made with Acai Berry the powder smells delicious! Its easily added to water and dissolves well without making the fluid feel thick or gritty. I used the specially designed level scoop from Rejuvenated to serve mine making it easy to measure amounts. A pouch should last 30 days at approx. £1.22 a day I think it is well priced.

As the powder is flavoured with acai berry, a super antioxidant, it also helped me get my extra fluids in. I choose to fill a bottle of water add a scoop of powder and shake and drink this every morning on route to work. It’s refreshing without being too sweet or sugary.

I noticed a change in my skin within two weeks. Not only did it appear less dull, but also the overall texture improved. It looked and felt smoother and I noticeable used less foundation, something I tend to use more of in the colder months due to dryness and uneven tone.

Other benefit includes hair growth, joint health and it is said to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. It even claims to help repair muscle and heal wounds. I am yet to see these results, but I am hopeful as I think it’s had a great impact on the skin on my face so I am keen to track the progress on my body.

- Tastes great

- An added benefit to face and body

- Easy to use and convenient

The Super Added Power Solution

Jeunvie Collagen capsules come in packs of 90, designed to last a month when taken three times a day. While this takes commitment (I had to set an alarm to remind myself) it is 100% worth it!

If you are dedicated to improving your skin health, then these are the supplements for you. They go a step beyond and are designed to repair and protect your skin. The added antioxidants combat free radicals on the surface of the skin before they have a chance to wreak havoc. Meaning the likes of smoke pollution, UV light and chemicals are battered away from the skin protective layer.

Jeunvie is 100% natural, organic, and free of chemicals. The ingredients are grown organically and are all fresh. Fruit extracts are included to retain youthfulness, and vitamins and antioxidants allow the skin to overcome daily stresses.

Every product contains high concentrations of skin regenerative like Retinoic Acid, Alpha-Linoleic, Linoleic & Oleic Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, Phytosterols, Tocotrienols, Tocopherols (Vit E), Vitamin A & C, Beta-Carotene, Flavonoids and Essential Minerals. All while being subtle for vegetarians and vegans.

The high potency of the capsules and the regularity in which you take them to ensure you have the best combination of nutrients to the skin and body.

If you are prepared to dedicate your time to the routine, it does not take long for it to become totally natural. As soon as you start to see results you will also be more inclined to continue!

- Vegan and vegetarian

- High potency with noticeable results

- Natural ingredients

I enjoyed this brand so much I am reviewing their Vanilla powder collagen supplement in the coming month. Check back for more!

The Energy Booster

For fitness fans, I highly recommend Great Lakes Collagen powder. It contains collagen and gelatine which contain high levels of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These all contribute to building your connective tissue (bones, cartilage and muscle) which helps you to maintain your active lifestyle.

The collagen supports a healthy musculoskeletal system and digestive health which raises your overall energy levels as well as having benefits for skin, nails and hair.

I found this supplement mixed well with water at room temperature, it is odourless and tasteless so it was easy to add to any drink but I choose to increase my water intake alongside taking it. You can also add this to hot drinks which is great if you struggle to get enough fluids in.

It contains protein which I think made me feel fuller for longer, although it does not state this is a benefit, I certainly felt more satisfied with my breakfast and lasted until lunchtime even with a gym session. The added protein also contributed to my hair health. I don’t often eat protein-rich foods and have been told my hair holds a lot of water hence it goes static very easily. Protein helps to improve hair strength and makes it thicker and glossier, I certainly noticed this difference in my hair appearance.

- Good supplement for those with an active lifestyle

- Benefits your hair, making it stronger and thicker

- Helps feel fuller for longer


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