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Ultimate Update with the Award Winning Nina Prisk

Update Aesthetics, founded by Nina Prisk, a registered Nurse and Independent prescriber with over 14 years of medical experience share their thoughts with TTT.

Nina is an award-winning figurehead in the industry of aesthetics. Nina works from her practice Update Aesthetics, based in Truro and London Harley Street.


Leading Expert in cosmetic injectables Cornwall, Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020

Aesthetic Salon of the Year, Gold Award:

What makes their services unique? experience? treatment choices? products used?

‘I’m a registered Nurse and Independent prescriber and a highly trained specialist in non-surgical advanced aesthetic procedures and rejuvenation treatments with 14 years nursing experience in the acute medical field, alongside private cosmetic surgery. I recently won ‘Best Cosmetic Injector’, and see patients travel to see me from across the country for injectable enhancement.

Having gained a steadfast reputation within the industry as the go-to prescriber for injectable filler treatments, I’m able to bring a fresh perspective to non-surgical cosmetic treatments and as such I’m regularly invited to lecture internationally on the subject of medical aesthetics. A trusted and sought-after Aesthetic Nurse, I’m well known for my partnership with my patients to achieve reachable goals, through bespoke tailored treatment plans. I’m also renowned for educating my patients appropriately and endeavors to provide the best, most suitable treatment for the individual. My mission is to deliver results that make clients feel like the best most confident versions of themselves. I’m also extremely passionate about ensuring that aesthetics is a carefully regulated industry, conducted with diligence, precision, and care and, at the age of 35, this message will surely resonate with a demographic often heavily impacted by the lack of regulation within the industry. I’m a member of the BACN - British Association of Cosmetic Nurses & also the ACE group - Aesthetics Complication Expert group, and hold a mastery in complications management.’

What inspired them to start their own business?

‘I was working in practice cosmetic surgery and enjoyed seeing how it improved people’s lost confidence. This inspired me to embark on a career in facial aesthetics. I started working for a facial aesthetics company and quickly built up my client list and experience. I also enjoyed the business and marketing aspects and of pushing myself and reaping the rewards of my hard work, rather than doing it for someone else. I also enjoyed the business and marketing aspects and of pushing myself and reaping the rewards of my hard work, rather than doing it for someone else and together I was inspired to start my own business.

What were they doing before they started their business? how did they get here?

‘Before having my own business my nursing career first began when I was working in the NHS as an A&E nurse and then a nurse in High Dependency. That gave me a good grounding and also taught me all the skills that I needed to be able to recognise a deteriorating patient and also a good understanding of the anatomy, both of which are vital in aesthetics. Then I moved over to a cosmetic surgery practice. When I saw how cosmetic surgery could improve people’s lost confidence I was inspired to embark on a career in facial aesthetics.’

Have they included any female focussed workplace policies or initiatives to help women in the workplace?

‘I try to be as motivating as possible towards my female team and we have a great sense of teamwork and mutual respect and support.’

Where do they see their brand going now? new markets? new products? new locations? treatments?

‘I’ve developed a new brand of lip care which features lip calm and post-treatment care. This will be launched soon. I’m always continuing my professional development with courses, and that will never stop. The industry is constantly evolving and in order to be good at what I do I want to stay abreast of all the new procedures and techniques. I’ve currently got clinics in London and Cornwall but I’m also planning to launch one in Oxford soon.’

What piece of advice would they give someone entering the beauty/aesthetics market space?

‘My advice is to really invest in your education and professional development. Immerse yourself in all the free online courses you can as well as the paid ones, and network with peers. Mentorship is a good idea too. Focus on yourself and don’t worry about what your competitors are doing. Support your peers and empower one another.’


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