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Vegetology's Vollagen: Plant-Based Collagen

I am an avid supporter of collagen supplements as a means of defying the ageing process and also general skin and joint health. I have seen first-hand the impact collagen supplements and ‘wellness from within’ plays on your body and skin health and appearance.

Collagen, traditionally sourced from animal products, is a fundamental protein responsible for skin elasticity, joint health, and structural support. While there are plenty of choices on the market nowadays there does appear to be a lack of options for vegans or vegetarians which is a massive sector and growing daily with our modern life styles.

This is why I was delighted to find Vegetology, a company known for its dedication to producing vegan and high-quality supplements, and their supplement ‘Vollagen’.

Vollagen is a plant-based collagen supplement aimed at supporting skin health and overall wellness. The ingredients in Vollagen stimulate the body's natural collagen production and support the body's existing collagen. This is achieved via a combination of Amino Acids.

The supplements which are in a handy capsule contain 1000mg of Amino Acids ready to be absorbed into your body quickly and effectively. This allows for your native or natural collagen to be hydrolysed. I like to think of these supplements as giving your collagen the gentle nudge it needs to get going. After all we all get a little tired and this just helps the body along the way via natural processes.

The great part is the natural way it works, and you are not adding any animal-based products to your body. The supplements are also free from gluten, wheat and sugar and non GMO.

The results I can say are great! I have taken animal (marine mainly) based collagen supplements for years. I admit I was concerned that stopping and moving to a non-collagen-based product would result in negative changes to my skin but I can honestly say it hasn’t. The results are just as great and on a par with other animal-based supplements. My skin is glowing and feels firmer and more hydrated something I always battle with and something only supplements seem to fix.

Vegetology cater to individuals following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, providing an alternative to animal-derived products and have a wide range of supplements.

£19.95 for 60 capsules (enough for 30 days) or subscribe and save.


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