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Zooki Collagen, A Shot of Youth

In the last few years, I have become a supplement queen! If the solution to healthier skin, bones and better skin is in a tablet form I am likely to be taking it. Not all supplements are created equally, and some are made to be a lot more fun!

Zooki, a marine collagen, comes in a sachet designed to be easy to take and fit into your daily routine. Rather than a tablet, or even a shake, the sachet can be taken as is or mixed with a drink or yoghurt. I choose minimal fuss by taking the individual sachet of liquid in one, straight from the fridge. The last time I was taking shots was in my 20’s, but this time its far healthier!

At just £1.64 a day the mini sachets are pretty cost effective for a premium collagen. Zooki is supplied in boxes of 14 sachets which I choose to keep refrigerated and take one each morning with my breakfast, although it is not essential to keep them cold.

Why do we need a supplement in a shot? Because it’s the easiest way to help retain some of our skin’s youthfulness and benefits the body as well. From the age of 26 we lose approx. 1% of collagen for every year, meaning I am down 12% already and this only getting worse. Once a women hits menopause the collagen loses increases to 4% a year.

Not only is Zooki designed to be easy to take it also contains ‘Liposomes’, a product that assists in the body’s absorption, allowing me to make use of the maximum amount of collagen available. Zooki also contains type one collagen, a marine collagen that most closely represents that found in the body, meaning you are replacing like for like (or as closely as possible). The collagen is also hydrolysed! This means it is broken down into smaller, easier to absorb, molecules.

I really like the taste of Zooki, it is not overpowering nor is it flavourless but a refreshing citrus lime. I have yet to try it with water or in yoghurt, but I expect it would be great in smoothies as well. I like that it comes in an easy to use sachet, as I find taking tablets tedious, this I can take on the go without a problem.

Above all else the results make taking Zooki worth every penny. My skin texture felt so much smoother, and I felt like my make up application was far nicer. Previously my makeup would start to ‘sit’ on the skin or flake where my skin dried out during the day when exposed to the weather or heating. The fine lines and redness which usually appeared in the afternoons lessened with the use of Zooki. My skin looked more hydrated and softer. It plumps the skin making it look more youthful and my complexion less tired.

You can pick up Zooki sachets from their website; or at Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Boots and plenty of other high street retailers for £22.99.


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