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Festive and Fragrant- ideas for loved ones

Christmas is just two weeks away! Yikes! If you are stuck for ideas then a staple favourite gift of mine is fragrances. Every Christmas we see new gift sets and products n the market as well as our trusted favourites. Here are a few of my choices:

For the man who has everything: Blue Mark Eau De Parfum by Jack Black

Unlike many men’s fragrances this is fresh and light. It is not heavy or vulgar like some aftershaves. It is a dry scent with an undertone of ginger and juniper. It compliments other female fragrances and does not over dominate.

The bottle and packaging are sturdy and elegant and really emphasises its quality.

She’s a dream! For the lady in your life: Dream Eau De Parfum by Ghost

I love the floral undertones of this perfume. It is light, feminine and subtle. What a perfume should be.

It has elements of rose, my favourite scent and orange flower. It is light enough for a day scent and subtle enough to not over dominate the room. It really does portray elegance and understated style.

Dream is also very affordable as a day perfume and won’t break the bank at £34.

The classic choice for either gender: 4711 Eau de Cologne

4711 Original Eau de Cologne is an old classic. It brings back bygone memories for some and others it really is the scent of their youth.

This is a classic scent and a staple favourite. You cannot go wrong as it is both unisex and enjoyed by all ages. 4711 is fund on the high street and pharmacies like Boots offer the products in spray form, gift sets and even handy wipes for travel! I love this idea. It is the perfect sticking filler or Secret Santa gift.

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