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25% Off PurePotions Scar Oil

Purepotions 100% natural Scar Oil is super rich in regenerative rosehip oil, naturally-anti-inflammatory organic calendula oil and calming lavender essential oil.

There's nothing synthetic in there at all: Purepotions Scar Oil relies on genuinely natural and deeply nourishing ingredients, to smooth bumps and blemishes, even out uneven skin tone, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles and improve the the skin barrier function.

Its star ingredient, rosehip, is rich in vitamins A & C as well as Omegas-3 and -6, and delivers essential nutrients direct to damaged skin to support the production of new skin cells.

A 50ml bottle is £18.99 and The Treatment Tester are offering a special discount price code!

Use code SCAR25 in June and July to receive 25% off our newly-relaunched Scar Oil

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