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At Home Hair Removal that Works!

I admit to being a hair-a-phob! I detest my own body hair and regularly de-fuzz my entire body. I have done so for years and finally I thought about biting the bullet and getting laser hair removal.

I had enquired about hair removal in clinic for my arms, legs, underarms and bikini and was stocked at the price! Not just that but a commitment to clinic visits for treatment over 12 sessions with a new baby in tow really does not appeal to me. I simply cannot guarantee I can get into a clinic that regularly to be sure the treatment will work. I am slowly learning that having children means pre-planning anything is impossible.

I started to investigate alternative solutions, things that I can invest in now and hopefully save time in the future and of course money, after all a decent razor or at home wax kit isn’t cheap. That is when I came across Bondi Body home IPL kit for hair removal…and wait for it… skin rejuvenation. I simply thought it was too good to be true. A device I can use at home in my own time across all areas of my body and the added benefit of benefiting my skin! This sounds like a dream come true.

Bondi Body Laser at Home V2.0 uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to reduce hair growth across the body. IPL technology operates by emitting pulses of broad-spectrum light, targeting the melanin in hair follicles. This light energy is absorbed by the hair, which then turns into heat, damaging the follicle and hindering future hair growth. It's designed to be less painful and more comfortable compared to traditional methods like waxing or epilation.

The Bondi Body IPL device boasts features such as multiple intensity settings and adjustable modes to accommodate different skin tones and hair types. This adaptability is essential for ensuring safe and effective treatment for a broader range of users. I am the prime candidate for IPL as I have a fair skin tone and very dark hairs. IPL isn’t not suitable for blonde hairs or darker skin tones due to the technology.

The effectiveness of an IPL device often relies on consistent and proper usage over time. I had to ensure I made time 2-3 times a week for 12 weeks to ensure I got the most from the device. It takes literally seconds to use. The most annoying thing is that you need to let the hair grow slightly before use which for me was hard as I hate the feel of prickly skin. My general routine, as my hair grows pretty quickly, was to shave the areas on a Monday, then conduct the treatment on a Wednesday. Shave again on a Thursday and conduct the second treatment of the week again on the Saturday. I did this for 12 weeks across my arms, armpits, legs and lower abdomen and noticed a really difference in the hair production.

It takes no time at all to use the device, but consistency is key. To use you simply set your level starting on the lowest and raising up every 2 weeks. It is painless but be warned when you first use the system the machine emits a flash of light and a snap sound with sounds scary but it totally normal. The sound can be jarring but it is painless and even at the higher setting if you feel any discomfort you can reduce the setting down and the device is still effective.

I noticed that by week 6 the hair production was slowing on my arms and legs particular. Some areas had become patchy, and the growth cycle had slowed. By week 12 I was virtually hairless on my arms and the tops of my legs have been hair free with just a few pesky hairs on my lower legs.

My under arms are proving more stubborn and I am continuing to use the device. While the hair is more dense it has become thinner and growth is slowing.

It is advised to conduct booster treatments as with all hair removal it isn’t lifelong. However, rather than pay salon fees every year and attend numerous appointments I can do it all from the comfort of my home.

I have not tried it myself, but the device can also be used on the face, but keep away from the eyes. As mentioned, it can also be used to reduce sun spots and broken capillary veins.

£299 RRP, currently on pre order special offer for £209


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