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Celluerase Cellulite Treatment

Banish those pesky cellulite dimples for good!

Creams, oils, dry brushing, and massage can only do so much. It was time for the big guns!

Since pregnancy my cellulite had worsened. More dimples, more bumpy skin, and uneven tone. When I dropped the extra pregnancy weight the cellulite remained, and the reduced skin laxity made it more apparent. I had never been so low about my skin’s appearance on my upper legs and rear.

Previously I have tried Aqualyx, BTL Elite and endless creams and diets. Although I have seen an improvement, especially with BTL, I have been searching for something permanent.

Cellulite can be caused by several factors from circulation to accumulated toxins, fat cells and genetics. Those dimples in the skin are where the fibrous tissue cords that anchor the skin have shortened and caused this puckering effect.

‘Cellulite or gynoid lipodystrophy (GLD) is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region (specifically the buttocks), lower limbs, and abdomen.’ (thanks Wikipedia)

Although cellulite is very common amongst European women, not so much those of Asian descent, there is still a limited number of treatments to banish it for good!

In combination with a diet, increase fluid intake, supplements and a weightlifting and toning PT session once a week I have chosen to combat my problem areas with the revolutionary new treatment called Celluerase.

Celluerase is a more cost effect treatment than Cellulaze, a laser treatment which combines lipo and laser to destroy fibrous bands. The principles are the same and Cellulaze has proven to give impressive results at a fraction of the price.

Here is how it works. Celluerase is a minimally invasive procedure where a special micro blade is used to separate the bands of fibrous connective tissue, allowing the skin to spring back resulting in a smoother appearance. The blade is similar in size to an average hypodermic needle and heals in the same way and no suturing is required but you will see bruising, bleeding and experience some discomfort. Local anaesthetic is used to minimise pain but do expect some. This is only during the treatment and does not prolong. For larger areas you can have more than one treatment once each session has healed. In one session you can treat up to ten areas of dimpling.

The treatment took less than an hour and it is advised to follow up with some mesotherapy injections to assist the skin laxity and healing. I managed to travel home with little discomfort and was able to sit with ease that evening. The main thing is to keep the area clean and avoid hot showers, saunas, creams or touching the incisions.

The next day I noticed some bad bruising, to be expected and common the buttock area. The photos show the worst of it, and it is advised to have treatment three months before any holidays. I certainly was not going to be entering any swimming pools anytime soon. Within 10 days this subsided and although it looked terrible at first it was not painful.

I resumed regular exercise and dry brushing after two weeks when all the incisions had healed and started to notice the smoother appearance of the deepest dimples immediately. Results continue to improve and the dips and puckering in my skin relaxed. Now three months on and I feel like I am getting the best results. For my first treatment I am very happy and think further treatment on the back of my thighs would be beneficial with mesotherapy on the front of my legs.

Only a limited number of clinics offer the treatment in the UK and I choose to go to The White Clinic Dermomedica, in London. Owner Valeria Di Tullio, a qualified VTCT Level 4 Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Master and trainer conducted my treatment at their Provost Street clinic. They offer a range of treatments and some support and enhance the Celluerase results which I look forward to trying.

To book a treatment, consultation or to read more about other body and face treatments view the website and Instagram feed here;


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