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AQUALYX Fat Dissolving Injections

Injections that mean you lose fat? WOW! I’m not afraid of the needle, dose me up. I'll have a full body procedure please…

At least that was my first thought, followed by does this actually work? If it did everyone would be skinny, right?

When I heard that Visage Aesthetics and Dr Aicken were offering fat dissolving injections I jumped at the chance to try them out. Dr Aicken’s team were quick to set me straight, I might not be suitable. Not because I don’t have enough fat, that i can confirm, but because it might be the wrong type. Damn my body, I cannot even get the right type of fat, when will I get a break?!

Not all fat can be treated. If you are overweight and looking for a miracle cure this is not the answer. It's designed to work on small pockets of fat, those stubborn areas you cannot shift no matter what you do. Large areas like thick thighs or greedy bellies won’t wash. If you are radically overweight then perhaps it would be best to see your GP about weight loss before working on those small pockets.

I was told that there is no set evidence of weight loss from the injections, in fact after treatment you will have swelling so expect your clothes to be tighter. You may lose weight but it cannot be attributed to the injections, instead judge your results on your sizing and how your clothes feel. For this reason the clinician measured me before hand. They also check your BMI before you can book in.

For me, the area i most wanted ‘fixed’ is hard to measure. I have always had wide hips and thick thighs but I also have that little bulge of fat where my knicker line is. It means that when i wear a swimsuit it appears that my legs are bulging or my knickers are too tight. When i wear trousers of a nice dress this area bulges out of the fabric. We all have something we don't like.

Day after treatment, some bruising and swelling that felt bumpy

Looking at this area it appears that it projects forward and also to the side, so reducing this would make a nicer silhouette and also reduce the bulge, what is better known as body sculpting.

”AQUALYX” can be used on face and body and is popular for double chins and other areas such as the thigh gap, bingo wings and so on. It's a great alternative to invasive procedures with practically no down time. The product is injected by needle and injections are performed in a cross-hatch pattern, meaning the area is divided and injection points are plotted, so that the product is distributed equally.

Some key things to note are:

You will have swelling after treatment that can last a few days and appear to get worse, this is normal. After my appointment I wore loose clothing and then the next day I wore some standard control shorts (the type you can get in M&S or any underwear store).

You may get bruised, I certainly did. Depending on the area and your own predisposition to bruising. I bruised pretty heavily but luckily they didn't hurt ,so it looked worse than it was.

2 weeks post treatment, some light bruises but starting to see results

Don't expect instant results. It can take up to three months to see full effect. After the swelling and bruises went down I noticed that the area was smoother within 4 weeks and it's been getting more and more streamline since.

I had no adverse effects but some people have commented on itching, a burning sensation, a feeling of pressure on the area and general aches and soreness. All manageable symptoms if you rest and relax.

Appointments are around 90 minutes and I wouldn't suggest it as a lunchtime treatment, instead take it as an end of day slot when you can go home in your comfy clothes and relax.

I am so pleased with the results that I have booked to return for more. This time for the thigh gap . A friend is trying the treatment for his double chin and I hope to be able to report on this as well.


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