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Top Winter Scents Perfect for Christmas!

9 weeks until Christmas. In that time, I need to do all my shopping, write my wish list, choose an outfit for the office xmas party and drop a stone…

One thing is done and dusted that’s my top fragrance picks for my nearest and dearest. I always buy the ladies in my family perfume at Christmas, it tends to be a fail safe gift option that is well received.

I don’t like to test every perfume in the fragrance shop so I tend to go on recommendation, and usually I get a whiff of someone’s perfume and ask what it is. My top chooses this year are all brand new to the market and affordable day to evening scents.


Babe Power by the clothing brand MISSGUIDED is totally fierce! Missguided babes are known for their style, attitude and confidence. I love Missguided clothing, they get the latest trends spot on.

The first thing I love about Babe Power is the bottle. Designed like a can with a ring pull pump spray the 80ml bottle is a steal at £27.50 from The Fragrance Shop.

The scent base is citrus and vanilla with grapefruit zest, orange blossom, candy floss, and vanilla musk. It’s a memorable and soft scent suitable for day or night.

It also has a lasting impression, the scent stayed on my skin and clothes all day, I can smell it on myself without it being over powering.

As Missguided say ‘BABE POWER is made for the girl who wants her scent to match her unapologetic attitude.’.

Monsoon Rose Gold

I adore this dainty little bottle, it perfect for travel, handbag and looks pretty neat on my bathroom shelf.

Rose Gold is one of the top colours for this autumn and this perfume does not disappoint. It is a light and soft musk of rose, vanilla and citrus fruits like lemon.

This is the first perfume from Monsoon and available in 30ml, 100ml and as a gift set with body lotion.

The scent comes in a nice sturdy box with rose gold detail, and nicely cellophane wrapped. It looks classy and has an air of ‘Chloe’ about it. I love it.

Buy online and in store here.

Love Lily by Accessorize

Love Lily is the first Accessorize perfume available online and in store here.

Price wise it is a steal while still being a classy and long-lasting scent.

The fun bottle with the flower integrated into the lid makes it feel young and carefree. For me it makes the perfect day scent as it is light and floral.

The fragrance comes in 75ml and is sweet in smell with hints of raspberry, jasmine and sweet vanilla. It is an easy going scent that is not over powering and perfect for the office or days out.

Looking for something extra? Then try the Twist & Spritz available at The Fragrance Shop and now on special offer!

I highly recommend this cute new twist and spray fragrance atomiser for your handbag. It’s the perfect size and you can choose the colour!

It is easy to refill with your favourite scent and perfect handbag size. What I like most is unlike mini scents or gift sets the Twist & Spritz is a proper pump spray. Not a roll-on scent or dab on dispenser. This means you can freshen up your hair and clothing is you like to spray scent not just on your skin.

It holds 8ml and is on special offer at The Fragrance Shop in different colours. Perfect for refilling your day and night scents and taking them on the go whenever or where ever you are, even on holiday!

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