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Collagen 101

Collagen has been the buzzword for the beauty industry for the last 10 years. So, what is all the fuss about? Is it really that important?

Over the years I have embarked on a lot of treatments and product trials for boost my collagen levels. This is my collagen 101 for the anti-ageing newbies!

First things first, we all have collagen in our skin. It just decreases over time. It is a protein found in out muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It is what gives our skin elasticity, allows cell replacement and mends our skin after injury.

As we age the amount of collagen our skin produces decreases, couple that with other factors like bone density loss, sun damage, pollution and lifestyle factors and you can see were the ageing takes effect.

Image Source: Absolute Collagen

We can however increase our collagen levels naturally and artificially. The best way is via our diet, supplements and creams. Although we might not get to the standard of someone half our age we will improve the skin enough for noticeable difference and improve health.

Firstly, you can try to repair some of the damage to your collagen levels by eating vitamin A rich foods like carrot and sweet potatoes. You can opt for a Mediterranean diet of oily fish to increase omega 3 and improve on the fatty membrane of the skin which makes it plumper. Diet alone won’t increase collagen or stop it decreasing.

Another option is daily supplements. Previously supplements came in giant horse pills that were tough to swallow. Now however they are much easier and nicer to take. My top choice is Absolute Collagen.

Absolute Collagen is a concentrated liquid formula packaged in handy daily doses. Each 10 ml serving contains 8000 mg of hydrolysed marine collagen which is fish derived. This type of collagen is from cold water fish and is the best source of collagen for the body other than our own. By making the protein liquid form it is ingested easily and quickly into our bodies.

Absolute Collagen is 100% natural protein and free of dairy, lactose, soy, wheat and gluten, and don’t worry it doesn’t taste or smell fishy at all!

I invested in a two-week trail of Absolute Collagen and noticed a difference in my skin. Mainly improvement to texture and appearance. My skin was more nourished and less dry patches which in turn makes my complexion far better. I also found that my blemishes healed and disappear.

Collagen has other benefits as well and Absolute Collagen offer a male version of the product called Stud Box. James at The Polished Gentleman says ‘The main attraction to supplements with collagen to me is the benefits to my muscles. I love the gym and so anything that helps repair and improve my muscle health is a positive in my eyes. ‘

‘The supplements are easy to digest and handy pouches, no mess or having to sort doses etc. I like the sachets I can grab and go. I noticed my hair was shinier and my skin felt plumper, I am hoping the effects are going to help my muscles in the long term as well.’

For the men’s product check out the link here and for women, here,

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