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Olverum Bath Oil

I have been working my butt off these last few weeks so when I saw this new bath oil which promised to relax me, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Olverum ( means ‘true oil’ and this little glass bottle is truly magical.

I trained in aromatherapy many years ago and I do love essential oils but I have a sensitive nose so some aromas can turn my tummy. This on the other had was spot on. I could smell the oil before I even opened the packaging!

The mix of essentials oils is designed to relax tired muscles and ease aches and pains. From my aromatherapy days I remembered the fragrances of many of the oils I used for aliments and this was the perfect mix. I added a few drops to my bath, nothing else required, and laid back to relax and have some time for myself.

I enjoyed the aromas so much I really found I relaxed. I have been suffering tension headaches and these eased and a started to feel calmer.

One better is that the smell stayed with me all night. When I got out of the bath, dried and into my new pjs and new bedsheets I could smell the oil on my skin, which helped me sleep soundly. It doesn’t feel oily or heavy at all rather a nice shower fragrance.

If you are wondering where you can get Olverum it’s available in House of Fraser and retails at £26 for 125ml enough for around 25 baths, also available in 200ml.

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