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Perspirex comfort.

I hit puberty at the pretty young age of 10. With boobs, body hair and periods all in one whammy I was the most self-conscious little girl you could meet.

A fellow class mate was known for her dark hair and features much like my own and was ridiculed for her bad case of B.O. The poor girls experience stayed with me for life and I am now extremely self-conscious of my own body smells.

For over 22 years now I have been using antiperspirants (no standard deodorant for me!) I always wax or shave my armpits and in the last five to ten years I have only used men’s sport branded deodorants which guarantee freshness for up to 48 hours.

You could say I don’t take any chances with body odor. As well as deodorant I wear body spray, body cream and perfume.

Ladies antiperspirants just are not strong enough for me. I have tried the nicer smelling more cotton fresh and flower deodorants on the market but by lunch time I am sure I get a whiff and worse still if I go to the gym! I even wear deodorant at night it’s a natural reaction to apply it after my shower (two a day minimum!).

I have read all the health warnings about deodorant, its chemicals and effect on the skin. As I have talc as well but neither would I consider giving up.

I have however changed the way I use deodorant for the better!

I was asked to test run Perspirex a new deodorant that’s mini in size and mighty in power! The idea being you apply at night to clean dry skin and it lasts a massive 3-5 days dependent on your activities.

You cannot blame me for being skeptical, the deodorants I have tried in the past don’t make it a day so I was concerned. I eve asked those around me to tell me if I started to smell, and explained it was a little experiment.

I tried the Perspirex comfort which is designed for more sensitive skin and minimizes irritation. The cute little deodorant roller is perfect travel size. The best past is it left no white marks!

Usually more ‘industrial’ deodorants will leave a film on my skin, crust and go white, or stain my clothes but Perspirex did none of these things. It went on like a gel, dried and did not leave a mark. You cannot see it on my underarms and the best part… I don’t smell.

Three days, 6 showers, 2 gym sessions later and my armpits are still odorless! I cannot believe it. I even forced others to smell my pits in case I had simply got used to the bad smell.

I have not yet gone the 5 days but reapplied after three. I will try it for 5 without a doubt. It’s great for holidays, when in humid countries, doing sport or wearing your favorite black dress. It is economical as well! It is a perfect choice for someone like me who was getting through a deodorant stick or two a month!

I adore this product, go find it here

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