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Chris James 3R Cleanse

Growing up I must have spent 80% of my teenage years dieting, cutting food groups, trying faddy diets and new exercises. In more recent times the shift has changed to more healthy living, a lifestyle of healthy foods and choices rather than crash diets. Part of this is the detox phenomenon.

Cleansing the body of toxics like alcohol, sugars and artificial flavours is said to do wonders for your body and skin! The only thing that puts me off of most detoxes is the requirement to eat nothing but air and drink water. I cannot possibly detox that much!

The 3R Cleanse from Chris James Mind Body is different. You are encouraged to eat and make the right food choices through the day and integrate a range of healthy sachets packed full of vitamins and minerals into your meals.

The 3 R’s stand for;

Remove: first day you eliminate and unnatural products from your diet like refined and processed foods

Restore: day two you stick to raw foods like vegetables, nuts and salads

Rejuvenate: day three you eat smoothies and soups to restore the body

The 3 day kit is manageable as it is a detox for 3 days! Not weeks. It is good for a recovery after an event or holiday or a detox before an event like a wedding, holiday etc. Or just when you need a boost.

The kit contains 9 sachets to be added to smoothies, soups etc. and a recipe guide to help you make your way through the detox program.

The sachets, powder that is added to juices etc., contain natural products like organic Pumpkin & Chia seeds, Golden Flax, Turmeric, Ginger Root, Dandelion leaf, and Prune Fibre. These ingredients are anti-oxidants and great for the body.

The detox guide has a host of recipe ideas such as muesli, soups and sweet potato salads. It shows you how to include the sachets into your foods but they can be taken in fruit juices to keep it simple.

The guide also has a quick ‘rules’ section so you can see the foods allowed and those not allowed including drinks and condiments. It means those who want to keep things simply or continue the detox have a good foundation to do so.

I picked the best time to do this detox. The sun has been shining and I have really been enjoying the salads and fresh foods. I have to say I was not too excited about the last day. The first two you have salads, soups, porridge and muscle to choose from but the last day is for smoothies and soups only. I am not one for liquid diets so this worried but I have to say it was a breeze. The guide included loads of recipes for smoothies and soups, they were filling and delicious and by this stage I didn’t feel hungry so it was a lot easier. Also knowing it was for one day helped.

I would definitely do this cleanse again. I feel like my bloating has reduced along with the extra pounds I tend to carry on my thighs. I also feel like my skin is hydrated and clearer.

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