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The Ultimate Superfood Supplement

Sun Chlorella Powder

In my search for the best Collagen formation and brand I stumbled upon Sun Chlorella. Originally established in Japan in the 60's, before launching in America in the 80's and the UK in the 00's. Their product is based on the super supplement Chlorella and they can’t be wrong about its success if they have been operating for more than 50 years.

Chlorella is not a collagen, but it is a superfood made from a combination of green algae, and its powers are phenomenal. Sun Chlorella contains a super ingredient, Chlorophyll, the component which gives plants their green colour. The powder itself if dark green or available in dark green tablet form.

I had heard such great things about Chlorella and its benefits to skin, hair, energy levels, and gut health. Chlorophyll itself if credited with improving skin, anti-ageing and more.

In my quest for a healthier start to 2022 from the inside out I thought adding an additional supplement would not hurt. I choose the powder which can be mixed with water, smoothies or juices. I found lots of useful recipes on the Sun Chlorella Instagram page which makes its green appearance more palatable.

The powder is a dried and very finely milled green algae that contains, amongst others, iron, vitamin B12 and Vitamin D alongside Chlorophyll. It is described as the ‘nutrient that is perfectly designed by nature’ because it has a mix of numerous different vitamins and minerals.

Half a sachet is enough for one serving and this should be taken once a day. I found that when I started the course, I found the supplement had a strong effect on my super sensitive stomach. Instead of taking it daily I moved to bi-daily and then worked up to every day on week three.

The biggest benefit I have found since taking the supplement is energy levels coupled with my general health. Usually around this time of year I am afflicted with numerous health issues from colds, to chapped lips, eczema and sore hands. I have managed to keep these all at bay and still have the energy for gym visits after work. Usually unheard of in the winter!

It has been reported that although the supplement does not contain collagen it does work to improve and assist how it works by supressing the enzyme which breaks down our skin elastin. Our bodies contain an enzyme that reduces our skins elasticity. Small but considerable damage to the skin can be caused by losing this vital component over time. By suppressing this it allows Collagen to do its work and the skin to maintain its youthful appearance.

Available directly from or health stores nationwide Sun Chlorella is vegetarian, chemical free and gluten free!

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