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Gene Diet

I have struggled with my weight all my life. I say struggled, but really it is a matter of self-control! It would be less of a struggle if I had some!

I have tried every diet under the sun, from the honey and paprika liquid only diet (yes that’s exists) to more well-known plans like Slimming World. I have been 6.5 stone and 13.5 stone, I have literally eaten my own body weight in my lifetime!

I thoroughly blame my day job! As a teen and in my early twenties I was a happy and healthy 9 stone but gradually laid on the pounds from sitting at an office desk under artificial light all day. Office snacks, treats and constant cups of tea have done nothing for my cellulite.

This summer I decided to take some control, sign up to the gym and cut out the snacks. The first month went well loosing half a stone and then it plateaued and I was lost again. Feeling defeated means I am likely to put the weight back on.

Que the Gene Diet!

I say a diet, it’s not really, and that is the key part. Laura Williams, a once couch potato like me, devised an eating plan based on your DNA. I was given the chance to trail this and it’s made a massive difference to my life.

It starts with a mouth swab you can do at home, then post to the lab for review. Within a couple of weeks I had a tailored eating plan for three days with recommendations for food choices and lifestyle.

In a nutshell the plan tells you what foods to avoid and what foods to increase to benefit your diet and wellbeing. On top of that it recommends the type of exercise you should do for the best results. It resonated with me completely. After weeks of eating vegetables and fruit why was I not losing any more weight? I lost count of the number of times others at Slimming World had dropped pounds from measuring their mayonnaise and I haven’t lost an ounce.

Laura reviewed my DNA and found the main points below:

  1. I need to monitor saturated fat intake (yikes that’s the butter out the window)

  2. Watch my portion sizes (yet again, my eyes are bigger then my stomach)

  3. Longer endurance walking or running is more beneficial for my weight loss then short bursts of exercise

  4. Increase my protein intake

Laura gave me a three day eating plan and for the first couple of weeks I stuck to this purely because I am lazy, it was easier to follow the diet then think of alternatives. I also changed my gym plan, rather than power walk on an incline for 10 minutes and then run for the gym exit I set up the treadmill to walk not run and a longer distance.

The first two weeks seemed to reboot my diet and I manged to drop 4ibs. Since this time I am now down a total of 1stone 8ibs, with 7ibs of that prior to the Gene diet I am really pleased. I am aware I am not massively overweight, but my BMI has reduced from 31 to 26 and I have some work to do but the improvement have changed my day to day life.

I have more energy, do not get out of breath so quickly, and feel so much more confident and best of all I have chucked away all my ‘fat’ clothes!

You can find out more about the Gene diet visit

10lbs down and 22lbs down

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