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On my journey to be a skinny Minnie I have been trying lots of supplements in the form of drinks and tablets.

Two main things we are always told and that I stick by are that you need to drink plenty of fluids, preferably water to aid weight loss and secondly that a decent amount of sleep really can help you loose weight.

If I don’t sleep well I am tired, grumpy and most of all hungry the next day. I reach for high calories, convenient foods like biscuits because I need energy. I have been working on my sleep pattern and ensuring I exhausted my mind and body so that when I do get into bed I can drift of until the dreaded alarm.

What I didn’t realise is that sleeping can aid your weightless not just because your mouth is shut! But via the right mix of supplements.

I came across Slim-Nite, supplement from Power Health which contains three essential amino acids which aid weight loss whilst you sleep.

The amino acids are:

Ornithine and Arginine; key amino acids natural ground in the body that play an important role in your metabolism. They stimulate a surge in the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps cells to break down stored fat as well as preventing future fat storage that occurs overnight.

Carnitine; Recent research suggests that carnitine is a normal constituent of the body where it plays a vital role in converting stored body fat into energy by transferring fatty acids across the membranes of the mitochondria of the cell where they can be used for fuel.It speeds up the transformation of fat into cells, where it can be more efficiently.

So what could be better, a tablet that helps you lose weight in your sleep! I took three, as recommended, before bedtime, with a glass of water.

I have to admit I was worried that all this hard work my body was doing breaking down fat I would be pretty exhausted in the morning. Instead the tablets effect on my metabolism meant I felt lighter and more energetic. I think this is because my body was able to digest my dinner instead of slowing down and storing it as fat.

Carnitine has the added benefit of being able to reduce fatigue, as well suppressing appetite.

Slim-Nite is gluten, lactose and yeast-free and contains no artificial colours or preservatives and zero added salt or sugar, making it the perfect accompaniment to your healthy lifestyle.

My weight loss journey is still ongoing but the more I lose the more hurdles and dips I seem to come across. My weight plateau and I sometimes need a kick start to lose some more pounds yet again. During the 30 days I tried Slim-Nite I lost 5 pounds. It does not sound much, but as I have lost 28ibs already it was a good achievement, It means I am just 12 ibs of target (just! It is going to be tough). I will continue to use Slim-Nite to help me on my way.

Available to buy on, RRP at £11.39 for 45 capsules

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