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Slim Sip

Over the last few weeks many of my readers will know I have been trying to shift the pounds.

It’s not easy as I have a desk job and I have zero will power. Everyone brings cakes and chocolates to work and I simply cannot resist. Whenever I am on a diet I always seem to be hungry. It is all in my mind I know!

One thing I have been trying to do is drink more water. I actually like water but inevitably when you are on a low fat diet with minimal treats water seems to be pretty dull after a while. That’s where this products come in. Slim Sip is a water flavouring that is high in fibre and helps aid weight loss.

It is simply a powder that comes in handy sachets that allow you to add it to glasses of water or bottles or water on the go. It dissolves in the water and gives an orange flavour. Because the supplement it high in fibre when you drink the water it makes you feel fuller so you eat less!

It also makes the water fizzy, which always curbs my appetite!

I found that I had to drink the water pretty soon after I put the sachet in otherwise it went a little jelly like. If anything is made me drink more as I had to drink a glass within 15 minutes of putting the sachet in. No chance of nurturing the same glass of water all day.

The taste was really nice, not to overpowering when added to a pint of water, of course you can have it stronger by adding less powder/water ratio.

It is recommended that you drink a sachet 30 minutes before a meal, three times a day with a box lasting 10 days, you cannot go wrong.

One other thing I know you will want to know, how many calories?! It’s just 9!!! Totally worth it if you eat less come breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have been using the sachets with every meal for 5 days then I cut down to twice a day as I am trying to eat smaller meals and less. It means the sachets go further as well and last longer.

Over all I am impressed. It makes a change from water and it has the benefit for making me feel full. It helps my digestion because of the fibre as well.

If you want to try Slim Sip then you can buy it direct from

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