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Westlab Muscle ‘Salt’ Spray

One of my biggest problems and ongoing issues after the gym is sore muscles, this can last for some days depending on the muscle group that I have worked. Normally a thorough warm-up and cool-down does the trick however on occasions this does not solve this problem and days of walking like John Wayne follows. I have used muscular ointments previously with mixed results.

I have recently started to use Westlabs's muscle spray after exercise, especially if I have been for a long run or done a squat workout at the gym.

The spray is in a small bottle that conveniently fits in a wash/gym bag and is easy to apply. Unlike other muscular ointments the smell is fresh and not over powering (you do not smell like a second row in a scrum). Again, unlike other ointments you can simply spray and get on with your day, no creasy hands or sticky clothes post application.

Westlab are a UK based bath salts manufacturer. Their products use Epsom Salts, a natural solution that has been used for centuries to help overworked muscles recover more quickly from intense physical activity.

The spray combines these salts with Spearmint and Eucalyptus providing a relaxing and cooling effect. Breathing in the refreshing, natural scent helps to re-energise and refocus the mind during or after physical activity, whilst the high magnesium content of the Epsom salt sinks into the skin and helps relax the muscles.

The effects are noticeable with regular application (1-3 sprays per area to dry skin) and a lot goes a long way. It is perfect if you exercise before work as it soothes your muscles whilst remaining discrete. This is not to say that this is the only product out there but it is well worth a place in your gym bag.

WESTLAB Muscle Spray £11.95 for 100ml, available at

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