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Pedi Roller by Carnation Foot Care

This year I have taken up running. After years of not setting foot on a treadmill and avoiding even the smallest of jogs I have taken the plunge and got my running shoes out again.

It has been years since I have run for exercise. I used to run at least 5k a day every morning before work but an injury meant I slowly stopped and the gym become less appealing.

With my legs taking a bashing from all this new exertion, I have invested in some massage creams, oils, tools and muscle relaxing items. One of which is the PediRoller from Carnation Foot Care.

Heel and arch pain in the foot is known as plantar fasciitis and a common complaint with runners. The PediRoller is designed to ease this pain and help avoid over tired and sore feet. The roller is made of rigid, washable and latex free plastic that you roll the inner arch of your foot over. It comes with a handy guide to some exercises you can do before and after to improve the strength of your feet and aid circulation.

The roller kit also comes with a gel for use with the roller. It helps it slide across the skin and has soothing properties.

The PediRoller looks so simply and easy to use I wondered if it would do the trick but I have to say it is pretty addictive. I can sit on the sofa after a long day and roll the PediRoller below my arches and run my heels over the roller and it feels brilliant. It’s like finally giving that itch a scratch.

I often wear heels for work and the contrast between trainers for running and height in my heels hurts my calves and my heels, adding pressure to the balls of my feet, this device really stretches them out.

At £8.33 the kit which include the guide and the gel is really cost effective. I really enjoy using it. Take a look here at First Aid Fast for some of the best prices on chemist supply health and beauty items.

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