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Natures Plus Pumpkin Protein Powder

Natures Plus make a range of vegan friendly protein powders. As a avid vegan I tried the range as shakes, and as added ingredients to cooking.

First off do not be put off by the smell! It does smell pretty earthy but it is tasteless which makes it perfect for cooking and adding to foods rather than protein shakes alone.

I think it would be a great addition, as it was non-gmo, organic and free from both gluten and soy.

This totally organic powder originates form pumpkin seeds and contains vital fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds are rich in fibre and contain many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, B vitamins and zinc to help support your overall health. It makes this type of powder a good nutrition source rather than a protein muscle builder.

I suggest the product as an addition to smoothies or your breakfast. Once scoop is adequate and stretches a long way. It ensures that as a vegan you get some more of the nutrients that it can be difficult to digest in a usual vegan or vegetarian diet. RRP £25.50.

Guest Review from Jon Hawkins

Jon is a multi talented musician, personal trainer and SEO consultant. He is also a vegan and avid reader.

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