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Salcura Antiac Acne Range

As a teen I had no more than the usual spots and blemishes. Late in my teen years I began taking the combined pill and for more then 12 years I had flawless skin. I attribute it to the combined pill and the effect it had on my skin.

In the last year I have stopped the combined pill and began more natural and alternative methods which don’t pump my body full of hormones. As a result, the mild spots I suffered as a teen seem to have come back and I am reliving my teenage years via my face it appears!

My flare ups are usually cycle related and occur the week before and during my period. The issue is that although the spots rarely form into anything significant I am left with unsightly red marks, dryness and marks that seem to take ages to disappear.

I have very fair skin and so these marks tend to show more than usual. I hate wearing makeup to cover the damaged areas of skin as it just makes things worse so the only solution is to tackle the skin issue itself.

I have used Salcura skincare before, you can read my review of the stretch mark cream here :

The acne specific range is called Antiac. The Activ liquid spray, which is just one part of the range, was recently voted the ‘best acne treatment’ on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

The main ingredient that is attributed to its success is Sea Buckthorn. A study found that sea buckthorn reduced the amount of sebum production from the skin with every use. The sebum production is what causes the oily skin to over produce and clog pores and hence the acne.

Despite the name Sea Buckthorn is not derived from the sea. It is from a berry grown in mountainous areas of Asia, particularly China, Russia, Canada, and Northern Europe. In fact, it was believed to have originated in the Himalaya. These cultures have been using Sea Buckthorn for years but we are only just finding its benefits.

It is extremely rich in Vitamin A the number one nutrient for fighting sebum production. It also has more vitamin C than on orange.

Salcura utilise this ingredient in their Antiac range in a number of forms. From face wipes (RRP £6.99) which are gentle on skin and remove daily dirt to a face wash (£11.99) which is feel from irritation, kind to skin and leaves it feeling clean but not dry.

In addition, they also have Activ Liquid Spray (RRP: 50 ml £10.99, 100ml £16.99) a little goes along way and you can apply direct to the skin. I use this morning and evening and also spray on my back. Its for wider use so it can be used on the body and is just as strong. For more targeted treatment the Activ Gel Serum (RRP: £9.99) which can be applied direct to spots and affected areas is perfect. You need a small amount and it works immediately on the skin.

Salcura have not let me down once again! In fact, they are so confident they can help you that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the products

Find out more about acne with Salcura fact sheets here:

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