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Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Coconut is one of my favourite fragrances. It reminds me of summer holidays, sun cream and yummy cocktails.

It is no surprise then that I was attracted to the Shea Moisture range of coconut oil hair care products.

Shea Moisture is a brand born out of Sierra Leone. Back in 1912 a widowed mother of four called Sofi Tucker was selling Shea Butter at the Bonthe village market along with her homemade hair care products. It is from these humble beginnings that the brand rose and you can now find it online with a vast array of products.

The products are natural, organic and sustainably-produced. In fact, they have some many certifications it’s hard to see what they don’t have. Not only are they never tested on animals, the products are also sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, DEA, free, paraben, formaldehyde, propylene, petroleum and phthalates free! Phew! Did you even realise that so many harmful ingredients lurk inside your toiletries?

I choose two staple items from the range, the shampoo and conditioner. The concept behind the shampoo being that it cleans why nourishing the hair. It contains 100% Virgin Coconut and Shea Oils these provide the hydration, manageability and shine to the hair.

Not only did my hair smell amazing but the shampoo lathered well and felt clean and not too heavy. I followed up with the conditioner which again has the incredible smell and is a creamy consistency. It softens the hair and detangles. It works well with a conditioner comb or scalp brush as well. The coconut milk in the conditioner penetrates the hair shaft to re-hydrate and enhance natural softness while reducing frizz.

After washing my hair was easy to style, and the beautiful fragrance remined on my hair once dry and styled. It also did not feel to heavy or greasy for a range that is high in moisture.

For £10.99 each the products are available from

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