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Post Pregnancy Haircare

Every pregnancy is different and while my skin faired well my hair was another matter.

I have always had fine hair, but in abundance. During pregnancy I noticed it did get thicker, but it also got drier and more frizzy making it impossible to style. While my body rejected giving me the luxurious locks so many women have when pregnant I did not suffer any hair loss so I cannot complain.

That was until of course post pregnancy. Soon after my baby’s arrival the hormone roller coaster kicked in and caused me to shed a lot of hair both when washing and generally day to day. This hair loss is not known as true hair loss, but rather excessive shedding caused by falling oestrogen levels after birth.

The solution was to choose a shampoo and conditioner and accompanying hair care routine to restore and protect my hair against any damage. This is easier said then done when you have a new-born as any self-love is hard to come by due to lack of time and privacy.

After a trip to the hairdressers and a much-needed chop of split ends, thank you to The Salon, Letchworth I was ready to maintain and improve my scalp and hair condition. Hair that is well looked after, conditioned, and freshly cropped is so much easier to maintain as a new mum than tired and dry tresses.

The Solution for Sensitive Scalps

The Goat Skincare (and haircare) available at Feel Unique and Sephora.

My first stop was an everyday shampoo and conditioner that offered both healthy hair and scalp. I choose a gentle formula designed for dry, itchy, or sensitive scalps that I could use as my frequent hair care range without it being heavy or to dense for my fine hair.

The Goat Skincare range contains, you guessed it, goats’ milk! Which is known for its soothing properties. It contains Vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, and it also contains essential fatty acids which make it ultra-moisturising. The Goat Skincare range was designed to combat eczema-prone, sensitive skin and has grown from lotions and creams for the skin to hair care products and baby items. Eczema effects the scalp as does psoriasis, so it makes sense to transfer the positive properties of goat’s milk to the scalp and hair.

What I like most about the hair care range is the light formula which is heavy on hydration and moisture but not in consistency. While some conditioners feel greasy and weighty on your hair this doesn’t and as such, I felt like my hair was both clean and soft.

The range is also affordable and available from a range of online suppliers.

The top pick for thinning post pregnancy hair

Growth Simulating Shampoo and Conditioner from Pharmaceris available at

While I have thin hair, I have a lot of it, but I have noticed that post pregnancy it has become more static and fly away. This has long been an issue and makes my hair hard to style but I have found that a combination of hair care products can help without making it feel gelled into place.

The Pharmaceris range of Specialist hair growth stimulating shampoo is one of those products. I used the shampoo and conditioner once a week. Washing my hair twice with the shampoo and then applying the conditioner to towel dried hair and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

The products contain Natural Growth Factor FGF and caffeine complex to help stimulate the growth of new hair and prevent the loss of old hairs by extending their life span. New hair growth reduces the visibility of the scalp which I have noticed was particularly bad around my hair line, on my temples, post birth where the fine baby hairs had receded.

The shampoo and conditioner are lightweight and non-greasy and the effects continue to take care of your hair for 24 hours! The caffeine content works to neutralise the negative effect of hormones (androgens, DHT) which is music to my ears post birth.

The range is affordable and available at a range of online stores from Escentual to Sephora. I also like the constancy of the conditioner which was easy to apply and the friendly bottles and caps which make it convenient to use in the shower!

Read my My Top Pregnancy Essentials for my review on the Pharmaceris stretch mark cream.


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