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I am waxing lyrical for these hair free solutions!

Despite the terrible weather spring has arrived. I am slowly preparing for the summer and holiday time.

Most years I rely on home shaving, some good exfoliation and fake tan but this year I thought I would test some waxing kits not just for me but for my partner as well. It is hard to find a male wax kit that is easy to you and doesn’t make the boys scream! As delightful as it is to see them squirm sometimes.

The other reason I wanted to try home waxing was for my face. My brows are accurately tattooed but I still get the fine fluffy hairs below the brow and between. I can feel but not see them and make up highlights them, to me anyway. I have chosen my favourite wax kits. Not just for use pre-holiday at home but also on your travels!

Face It

Let’s face it, women’s need to de-fuzz the face as well as the body. Those pesky lip, chin, brow or sideburns. It is most commonly referred to as ‘peach fuzz’. My top pick for the face is the Smooth Appeal Formula Facial Hair Remover Wax system.

This wax comes in two forms, one for the microwave which takes just 1 minute to prepare or one for use on a hob. The wax is simply warmed up to melting point, allowed to cool slightly and then ready to apply.

The hob kit suits gas or electric and comes in a wax tin with a stand and a small spatula perfect for small areas like the lip and eyebrow area.

Ensure you text the wax heat on the back of your hand before applying to your face. The wax should be a thick creamy consistency not watery when applied. I found that the best method was to apply the wax first in the direction of hair growth, count to 10 then apply a film of wax in the opposite direction, again count to ten and then repeat. This allows a nice layer on the skin covering the hairs from both angles.

The wax will set quickly and ensure you do not let it go rock hard, instead make sure it is dry but flexible. Then remove by a quick sweep in the opposite direction of hair growth. Rather than lift up lift along the skin for better removal and its kinder to skin.

Big benefits of this system are that the wax lasts ages, it comes in a handy sized microwave or hob ready pot, the spatulas are the perfect size and no strips are required. So, you don’t get in a mess or run out of strips mid-wax.

The system is also available in a much larger pot for body hair. Again, it comes with spatulas, microwavable pot, and is just as easy without the wax strips.

If you are thinking of using the kit of the body then I recommend you apply two coats not four and in small areas. Allowing the wax to dry hard means it can be more painful to remove it apply and go rather than apply everywhere and wait.

The system has little mess as well and the wax is easy to remove any residue is on the skin. It is great for bikini line and small areas as well as larger sections like legs or arms.

Buy it at Boots here

On the go

I have a holiday coming up shortly and anything over 7 days I start to think I need refresh my hair removal. If like me you find you missed a couple of hairs when you finally get into your bikini then then a travel friendly kit like Nair Nourish strips are the perfect solution.

Nair Nourish 7 in 1 Ultra Facial Wax Strips are perfect for facial use at home or on the move. I also like them as handy strips for those missed areas.

Formulated with Natural Japanese Cherry Blossom and Rice Bran Oil, they reveal skin that is beautifully moisturised and smooth up to 4 weeks, without leaving any residue. The best part? They don’t need heat!

To start wash the skin with soap and water. If you are holiday and the climate is hot and humid, lightly dust the area to be waxed with powder Take one strip at a time, the boxes come with 20 strips, and apply in the direction of hair growth. Smooth down with your hand. Holding the skin taut, quickly pull off the strip in the opposite direction, parallel to the skin, not up and away from the body. The same strip may be used several times until it no longer adheres to the skin.

Home or away this system is fabulous value for money and I had no skin irritation or dryness. Sometimes waxing can leave pimpled skin but this system is so gentle I didn’t seen any adverse effects meaning I can confidently go to the beach, weather permitting!

Buy it at Boots here

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