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Coconut Water for your hair!

I am an avid follower of Natural World products. Not only are they affordable and easy to get hold of on the high street in my weekly shop but they smell amazing!

I have reviewed other products in the range ( and this time the latest shampoo and conditioning duo does not fail to impress me.

The hydration and Shine Shampoo and conditioner contains coconut water! I do love a bounty bar and those delicious cocktails but I have tried the coconut water taste test and was less then impressed. I much prefer the idea of using it on my hair.

Coconut water is used to provide hydration to the hair while leaving it lightweight. Perfect for my locks as I tend to have a lot of hair but it is flyaway and can easily lose volume.

My hair is on pretty good condition but I am aware that I have put my tresses though an ordeal this last year or so. If I don’t look after my hair now it will be damaged and broken in no time and beyond repair.

I used the set as recommended, shampoo and conditioner form the same range. The bottles are 500ml in size and you really get the most for your money.

The most noticeable thing is the smell which I am pleased to say remains on your hair after washing and drying which is really nice. The shampoo washed my hair perfectly and it felt super clean but not dry or tangled. I followed with a coin size dollop of conditioner and this was sufficient for my should length hair. It felt weightless and when I came to drying it the comb slipped through easily with no tangles. Once dry my hair looked light and bouncy and shiny! Something I had been trying to achieve previously with sprays and waxes.

The range is paraben free and the coconut water is made with Certified Organic Coconut Extract and available online or in high street supermarkets.

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