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Magnetix Wellness Jewellery

As a child I remember seeing the metal bracelets advertised in the Radio Times supplements and on the back of magazines. The same bracelets that looks like ID bands and are usually seen on the elderly to aid aches and pains.

Gone are those days! Magnets just got cool.

Research studies have shown magnets are not just for arthritis but can be used to treat menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and more – but also improve overall wellbeing.

I had heard of the benefits of magnets before but the only jewellery I could find online was the old style. Then I come across This range doesn’t even look magnetic!

I am pretty late to the party as I am with most fashions as the range is already sold in 16 countries worldwide to over 10 million customers. The range was created by Dr. h.c. Petra Doring who after seeing the effects of magnets herself set about incorporating magnets into jewellery and taking a medical looking device and treatment and making it suit our lifestyle. The result is over 100 items from earrings, to necklaces and more.

The range also includes male jewellery, accessories and items for children and pets!

I choose an elegant hooped cross over earring from the range ( . I was firstly concerned it might be heavy for my ears, unsure how heavy the magnets would be. I was delighted when they arrived and they felt lightweight and not at all bulky.

The jewellery is created to high standard with secure butterfly fastening on the earrings I chose. I didn’t find any adverse side effects and no irritation. In fact, I forgot I even had them in my ears.

The use of magnets dates back to ancient Greece where they were used to balance the circulation of blood. Magnets activate the metabolism, manipulating the flow of energy and restoring it to proper channels. It can mean that you heal quicker and your body functions far more effectively.

You don’t have to have a health problem either. They can be worn every day for general wellbeing. I find that over the course of a month I ensure I wear the earrings in the days leading up to my period. This is a time when I know I get aches in my joints and I want the benefit of the magnet. Other times I simply wear them as a fashion item.

Check out the full range here

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