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LPG Endermologie at KX Life Spa

For the last year I have been working hard on my figure. Now I have lost the majority of weight (2 stone) I am at a stage where I have a little more to go but need to tone and tighten.

I have definitely noticed that my skin does not spring back as easily or as subtly as it used to. When I put on weight as a teen and young adult I think my body adjusted far easier than now. My skin seems to be thinner, more marked from stretchmarks and spider veins and generally looser.

Its all a part of ageing but we can work to defy it!

After a consultation about my cellulite the doctor referred me to LPG Endermologie. I had previously had the BTL treatment which worked wonders on my thighs, back of legs and saddlebags but I had some slight dimpling on my lower buttocks. The doctor advised that a much lighter massage treatment which is non-invasive should help.

LPG Endermologie is a French technology which works to stimulate the skin. The dormant cells in the skin are reived and it’s this boost which allows the skin to repair and tighten.

I booked in for my treatment at one of the selected spas in the UK that offer LPG. You can find your nearest spa here:

KX Spa is a members only club with a fitness centre and spa facility. Settled a small hop from South Kensington tube station in a quiet location, KX is the home to a wonderful spa. The health centre is at ground level and away from prying eyes. The spa is below ground level and very private. It has a wonderful spacious changing room, with large, no key lockers. Bath towels and robes are supplied and you can relax in the beautiful and tranquil relaxation room prior to treatment.

Dimple, a therapist who specialises in slimming treatments and has worked at KX for 11 years greeted me in the relaxation room. Her therapy room, as with all the others, opens onto the central room for guests to grab a water or tea, read and take a breather from their day.

First off, I was asked to step into a rather unflattering white body suit. The suits, which are personal to the client and are yours to keep are a cross between a sexy fishnet body and a string vest. It does not help that they are white and ultra-tight. So be prepared to wear a morph suit of white fishnet.

The suit is designed to apply a layer to the skin so the machine head can glide across the skin and not pull or drag. It is essential and I have to say I don’t fancy the treatment without it.

I then laid face down on the bed. We had previously discussed my problem areas and desired results. Dimple got to work on my hips, back of thighs, inner thigh and front of thighs.

The machine is rather peaceful and although the head of the machine looks big the actual apparatus which touches the skin is literally a roller and air. The system makes some small beeps that remind me of being on an aeroplane, so lay back and relax, pretend you are jetting somewhere hot.

The treatment itself is painless, and in fact enjoyable. The roller glide over the bodysuit while the machine pushes pockets of air into the skin. This stimulation is a natural lipolysis, a technique that breaks down fat, especially the most resistant kinds of fat – gluteofemoral fat in women and abdominal fat in men.

Every few minutes the machine makes a noise instructing the therapist to change their position. This change in manoeuvre and range of specific positions allows the treatment to tone the skin loosened by weight loss and stimulates circulation to prevent venous disorders and to release back tension.

As well as improving the appearance of the skin and cellulite, assisting the tone and elastically in the skin it also helps to detox the body. It stimulates fluid and circulation so expect a decrease in fluid retention.

I really enjoyed my treatment. It is like a deep massage and after a long day I could have happily stayed on the beauty couch for a good hour longer then the 40 minutes the treatment took. They recommend a course of 12 treatments and you can get a range of express and classic treatments. Once or twice a week is advised fir the desired results and after that its just a top up when required.

Dimple suggested some dry brushing between treatments for best results and a natural top up and accelerator to the treatment at home.

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