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Keeping Cool and Fresh this Summer

With my summer holiday approaching and the UK reaching scorching temperatures I started to worry about sweating!

During my holiday I had a lovely wedding to attend for which I bought a special outfit. I knew I would be sitting in the afternoon sunshine in Ibiza for the ceremony followed by a meal also outdoors. I become paranoid that my deodorant was not going to cut it and worried that anything stronger might be overpowering or ruin my new dress!

As well as the wedding day, I had a number of events to attend with ‘The Polished Man’ such as pool parties and dinners, so a reliable means of keeping cool and fresh was top of my agenda.

The Treatment Tester Top Pick:

ODABAN® Antiperspirant Spray available at leading Pharmacies, RRP £10.49

If you are looking for long term solutions then ODABAN® Antiperspirant Spray is the one.

I knew I was likely to be in and out of the pool or sea all day and therefore didn’t want to keep applying deodorant through the day. This is where Obaban steps in! One application of ODABAN® can last for up to seven days making it one of the most impressive solutions on the market for excessive sweating.

According to Obaban sweat specialists 54.7% of Brits claim they suffer from heavy sweating and around 5% of the population are diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis (the clinical form of the condition). So you are not alone if you worry about BO and damp patches. It is also a natural bodily reaction to heat.

Obaban offer some advice that’s really simple:

Tackle the Issue not the Affect

Deodorant does not prevent sweating, it merely tries to mask it, so try other means to reduce sweating like cool showers, light and lose fitting clothing made of cotton, and changing your clothing twice a day.

Obaban works differently than other deodorants, the product contains active ingredients that partially block pores, which creates a drying effect on the skin, without blocking the sweat glands or causing skin irritation

Don't overuse antiperspirant

Using too much has an adverse effect – the secret is using a high-quality product and using the perfect amount!

Importantly, in a world where we're increasingly mindful of ingredients and health, ODABAN® has been formulated with an aluminium: protein complex that is insoluble, meaning no aluminium is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. It's therefore completely safe to use on a long-term basis, even during pregnancy.

Dan, the sweat expert at Obaban says that within a few days, most people start seeing real results, as the products starts regulating sweating, leading to drier skin, reduced odour issues, fewer unsightly sweat stains and less painful chafing.

The Polished Man’s Top Pick for Daytime

The BlueBeards Revenge Anti Perspirant Deodorant

This deodorant advertises itself as ‘The Ultimate Deodorant for Real Men’ it won me over immediately.

I had previously tried the hair wax and beard range so I was confident the deodorant would work just as well.

It comes in a compact roller ball format making it easy to transport and pack.

One application lasted me a good 12 hours in the heat and I love the masculine smell.

Joint Favourite:

Sebamed Balsam Roll-On Deodorant 50ML – for Men

Although advertised for me we both loved the latest roll on deodorant from Sebamed.

It is hard working, and tough, meant to stop odour causing bacteria. This usually means your armpits are burning because the deodorant is so string for a lady’s delicate skin, not to mention if you recently shaved or waxed, ouch!

This is the first deodorant of this strength I have tried that does not sting, burn or hurt the skin under my arms regardless if I have de-fuzzed or not! It most certainly gets my vote.

The deodorant is alcohol and aluminium free. With high skin tolerance, its pH 5.5 value of healthy skin supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle. Masculine perfume fragrance and no colour additives.

For such a hard-working deodorant its available at a amazing price of £2.99 from Savers!

Some other tricks up our sleeves!

The BlueBeards Revenge Talc for Men


For men? I can tell you the ladies love it as well!

I am a life long fan of talc. The Bluebirds Revenge has a wonderful smell and a lovely fine consistency. I also love the tin with compact metal dispenser.

It is also a great size for a couple of family holiday. I like to use talc on areas I have recently de-fuzzed and it’s a great secret weapon against sweat.

The talc includes cooling cucumber extract, soothing aloe vera, silky shea butter plus a little maca oil. A win win from us.

4711 Deodorant Spray and Cooling Stick

4711 is a reliavle and trusted favourite. It is unisex and perfect for those travelling light but needing a refreshing spray to carry around.

Recognised worldwide as one of the oldest cologne brands, 4711 has amassed a loyal following that spans over 200 years.

As well as the spray we also like the cool stick. A particular favourite with James’s London commutes.

The scent has elements of lavender, rosemary, neroli, lemon and orange.

Available in leading pharmacies this range does not break the bank and makes a great holiday companion.

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