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Vie Recovery Patches

I spent the bank holiday enjoying the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth. The long journey, booze and sleeping in a hotel and then a boat meant I needed to prepare for a rough few days.

The Vie Recovery patches are designed to be used while you party! Unlike tablets or supplements used to tackle the after effects of alcohol and late nights these are to be used before and during to limit the effects.

The patches have essential herbs, vitamins and minerals that help the body break down alcohol. They are in a patch form to allow the vitamins to enter the bloodstream through the skin. They are easy to apply and can be stuck discreetly anywhere. I choose the back above my jean waist band.

You apply them before your first drink and the vitamin C, green tea extract, globe artichoke extract, thiamine, taurine and chromium picolinate work to lessen the effects of the alcohol in your system.

They do not stop the effects of drink and won’t stop you getting intoxicated but they ease the negative after effects such as dehydration and bad toxins in the skin and body.

The patches are really useful and so easy to pack in your bag or handbag. They come in a pack of 6 and last up to 24 hours and at £4.95 they are great value for money.

One noticeable difference the next day was my skin. Usually I look grey and very dry after drinking alcohol but these patches seemed to ensure my skin was not as affected. They are 100% natural and give you those extra vitamins that our diets can be lacking in so drinking or not they are a great little product.

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