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Be Your Best Blonde

I have thick long course highlighted hair which often appears dull and brassy in colour rather than ash to platinum blonde. It is also prone to tangles as it can be damaged from heated appliances like straighteners and hair dryers.

I often use silver/purple shampoos to bring out the blonde and eradicate the brassy tones, however I had never tried the additional conditioner or a product with added benefits such as damage control.

Fudge clean blonde damage rewind range includes a shampoo and conditioner. It is designed for blondes who need a refresh and to improve the condition of the hair. Not just bottle blondes either but also natural blondes who get the dullness from product build up.

The shampoo is quite runny and very rich in colour although it does not stain the hair. The neutralising violet pigment instantly removed yellow and brassy tones form the hair. It also contains Opti-PLEX™ technology, Hydrating Guarana and HairGuard™ for protection and hair health. You only need a minimal amount and it lathers well. Overall my hair felt really clean from one wash.

The conditioner contains the same ingredients but with the added addition of a rich conditioner. The consistency is much more like a cream and less runny but it does not feel heavy. It instantly smoothed my hair and I was tangle free. It smelt pretty delicious as well!

After drying my hair looked noticeably brighter and felt smooth, light and soft.

You can learn more about the products in the range here and they are available to buy UK wide online or in Boots pharmacies.

Guest Poster and Reviewer: Camille Hutchings

Blonde, tanned and loves to travel. Camille is a fellow city rat and when she is not commuting is sunning herself (safely of course) on foreign shores.

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