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A Close Shave with the Dorco EVE 6

I didn’t think I would get excited about razors. After all being so dark haired I have had my fair share of de-fuzzing over the years.

Shaving, although convenient is timely and a pain. Not to mention razor burn, skin cuts and the price!

Usually I buy the latest razor on offer in the supermarket, it is not always cheap and I admit I end up with more expensive razors because I have run out and need them immediately.

This is where the new subscription service for essentials like razors is a great idea. Originally, I thought such a service was just for men, being that they shave far more regularly, but razor suppliers Dorco offer this service for lady shavers as well.

Dorco are razor experts. Formed back in 1955 in South Korea. They created the first ever safety blade in Korea and have been in the market for the last 60 years. Originally the razors made were for men but by the 1980’s they had released a female range.

The female range as it is today is called Dorco EVE and the razors have some pretty impressive technology in their design. The head curves meaning it is easier and closer to shave those awkward areas like armpits and knees.

The razor is made up of 6 blades so you get every little hair and the handle is designed to be held easily at different angles. It fits well with your fingers and has a non-slip handle.

Like most female razors it has a lubrication strip. This one uses calendula one of my favourite natural sources and its great for all skin. It also contains argan oil to help moisturise the skin.

Dorco offer a subscription service where you pay a £1 sign-up fee and a monthly amount from as little as £3.90 from the second month and are forever supplied with quality razors if you make the payments. It is also super cheap! The razors are unique, are delivered each month to your door, have replacement cartridges and the handles are compatible with all the Dorco range so you can swap your style for other types. You can even share your razor handle with your other half!

Razors are costly but the subscription service works out cheaper, especially for the men. The Polished Man will be posting a review shortly. You make a saving as Dorco pass on their own 10% savings through not selling via the high street. Retailers add a fee and by getting the product direct you miss the middleman.

Check out the range for yourself here and my favourite EVE blades:

See my Instagram for the video of the curved heads in action!

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