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XLS Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes

The time between summer holidays and Christmas is the worst for weight gain, at least for me.

As the days get colder and the nights draw in I want comfort food and am reluctant to go to the gym. My summer holiday seems a million miles away and without an end goal in sight I let my gluttony get the better of me.

BUT, I always regret it. This year I plan on keeping the pounds off and hopefully losing a few for Christmas instead of gaining. That way I start the new year as I mean to go on.

I do not have a target in mind, only to weigh less than January 2018 by January 2019! Simple. I don’t have any undue pressure, as I have enough of that day to day as it is.

Since my last holiday I have put on the pounds, roughly 3ibs in the last 2 months. At this rate all my hard work shedding 3 stone is soon to be undone.

I do not want a fad or drastic diet so I have opted for a meal replacement plan. This way I can replace one or two meals a day and keep my calorie intake under control.

XLS Nutrition is a protein shake that contains vitamins and minerals. At less then 250 calories a serving it makes for the perfect breakfast or lunch.

Unlike some shakes I have tried it is easy to make and not at all lumpy. I used the XLS shaker with the adapted lid which shakes the mixture nicely.

So far, I have only tried the chocolate flavour but they have vanilla and strawberry as well. I mixed with skimmed milk as I am not a semi or full fat fan but you can mix with semi-skimmed if you prefer.

I have switched my usual breakfast bar for the shake and feel so much fuller for longer. The milk itself is filling and ensures I get the fluid intake and the powder contains B vitamins for energy release.

It is made with soy protein and is vegetarian friendly and gluten free!

It also contains Vitamins B5 and B12 to promote normal energy metabolism, and vitamin B6 to promote normal protein and glycogen metabolism. Its less then 1.5% fat!

Getting this much fluid and a filling breakfast is great and it is super convenient. I can make the shake and drink on the go so it suits my busy lifestyle. I cannot wait to try the other flavours.

Its available online or at Superdrug

In addition to my diet exercise is also really important. If like me you struggle to get motivated you might think about using a local PT to help. It works well in the winter months as well when you are less likely to spring out of bed in the cold and dark mornings. I found my personal trainer by Bidvine a service where you can get quotes to hire professionals. Check it out here:

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