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Skincare that Keeps Tattoos Looking Electric

It is no secret that all tattoos fade, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for the tattoo, how well moisturised your skin is or even if you have become a hermit just to keep it out of the sun. Skin is a regenerating organ and although tattoos are permanent, these constantly renewing cells cause the ink to fade, meaning that although your shiny new ink will be with you forever, it won’t look good forever.

However, there are ways to ensure your tattoos look better for longer. Firstly, a good SPF, sun fades the ink faster so either cover up or lather it on. Secondly, find products that exfoliate and hydrate. This is where Electric Ink Skincare come into the mix. Their exfoliating body wash and defining body oil are targeted specifically at those that wish to keep their tattoos looking vibrant.

Electric Ink Skincare claim that their range of products nourish the skin and protect the

tattoo, as well as improving the definition of tattoos, keeping them from looking faded.

As someone with ten tattoos of varying ages, I was interested in putting these products to the test.

The first thing I will mention is the bold branding. The packaging is emblazoned with traditional tattoo flash, the colour scheme is monochrome with the exception of the title of the individual products, which stand out in different colours across the range.

The exfoliating body wash has a strong soapy scent and is thick to apply, however it is easy to work into the skin and, unlike many body scrubs, the crystals are large enough to feel like they are actually removing dead skin, rather than simply feeling mildly gritty. I mainly used the product on my legs where I have six tattoos spread across both. My skin did feel softer after the first use and tattoos looked a little brighter.

After patting my legs dry I then applied the oil, here’s a tip, be sure to apply this in the bathroom. It is in a spray bottle so depending on the area you are applying it too it could get messy. I worked the oil into my legs, focusing on the tattooed areas. Immediately after using the product my tattoos DID looked almost like new, minus the bleeding and swelling of course, the blacks were darker and colours brighter.

As the day went on though, the oil wore off and the tattoos went back to their usual appearance.

My verdict is that the products work the same as most good body scrubs and oils. One removes the dead skin and the other hydrates the new skin, giving the appearance of more vibrant tattoos.

Do they do anything unique to the tattoos to make them more defined? No… but with gender neutral packaging, great ingredients like vitamin E acetate, coconut oil and red algae extract (to name a few) AND the fact they are vegan and cruelty free, they are a great option for anyone looking for an exfoliating body scrub and hydrating oil, plus they won’t break the bank either with prices starting from £9.95.

The whole range, including a daily moisturiser and vibrancy serum, are available on

You can also find out more about the brand and buy the range directly from their website

Gemma Flinders

Guest Blogger Gemma Flinders: Gemma is at the back end of her 20s, living in Cambridgeshire. She is a first time mum battling teenage skin and trying to get her pre-baby self back. She enjoys lifting at the gym, wearing black and sporting red lippy.

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