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Effortless Style

Wax, putty, gel, spray or cream. The choice of hair styling products for men is incredible. The main issue before you buy is deciphering your hair type then choosing the product to do the job.

Along with fellow style conscious tester Jack Rose, I have selected this seasons favourites in the hair styling market.

Black Leopard Hair Styling Cream, review by Jack Rose

I received the Black Leopard Hair Styling cream and after initially being very impressed with the packaging (it oozes class and looks luxurious) I decided to open it up and give it a try. After opening the screw cap and the foil lid I was met with a lovely aroma, not the overpowering smell as you might usually associate with hair products. It felt very smooth on my fingers and when applied it effortlessly blended into my hair. I found with careful application into the right areas I was able to style my hair as I usually would using thicker feeling products such as waxes and gels without looking like it has anything in it at all, which is usually my biggest concern with styling products.

After going about my usual, fairly hectic, day my hair stayed looking as fresh and controlled as it did when I first applied it.

This product keeps your hair looking and feeling natural whilst still holding style along with smelling great.

Fudge Professional Mineral Paste review by James Conolly

I usually use off the shelf products for my hair and rarely buy from professional hairdressers or barbers. Although Fudge offer a high street range and can be bought in some pharmacies I tend to see it as a professional product. The clue is the in name ‘professional mineral paste’ suggesting its probably best to leave to the experts to use. BUT! I have been pleasantly surprised, this paste is really easy to use.

Post cut my hair looks spot on and needs very little product if at all. It takes no time at all to grow to a length where it needs some attention while I wait for my next cut.

Fudge mineral paste is designed for shorter hair and is very good at styling and defining strands. I tend to keep a trim and neat cut, and this works well to polish the look. The paste is mouldable and keeps your hair looking fresh all day. Unlike some gels, waxes and creams it did not make my hair look dirty, greasy or covered it product.

The ingredients are not heavy on the hair. They include a mix of Shea Butters and Buckthorn Oil and a Vitamin-rich Japanese Sea that gives it the re-mouldable texture.

My personal rules apply for using hair styling aids; apply to damp, clean hair in a non-humid environment. Use on the roots for added volume.

I have used Fudge Mineral Paste on different occasions, newly washed hair, bed hair, post cut locks and more and I have always been impressed by two points, the consistency and smell.

The product easily washes of your hands and out of your hair, so no more gunky mess and greasy feeling fingers or sticky container. Plus, it makes my hair feel soft and nourished not dry like some gels and waxes can.

This product does more than just style the hair as it protects, nourishes and compliments my new cut.

Fudge Professional Mineral Paste is available from and Fudge Professional salons.

Jack Rose, an avid and pretty good fisherman, loves the outdoors while also taking care of his appearance. Jack is a ‘Polished Man’ recommended tester and available to try treatments and products. Please do get in touch via email

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