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Just for Men Control GX Grey Reducing 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Trying to reduce your greys, but wary of a drastic change? Now you can gradually reduce grey by simply shampooing your hair.

As a man in his early 30s I am generally not overly grey well compared to some of my friends however they are present and are getting worse week by week, especially when I get my hair cut and look down on the barber’s broom.

I have always been against dying one’s hair, and the other half quite likes it however the fact is I am still 32 and have many years ahead of being grey and proud. The product comes like any other shampoo, self-standing, mobile (fits into the wash bag) however it is easy to squeeze every last ounce of product come expiry.

As expected with all products containing dye I advise you check you do not have an allergic reaction to the product, refer to tub for instructions on how to do this.

Second tip is to apply at the end of your shower as the foam is not appropriate for your skin, remember it is a form of dye and you do not want to look like a cardboard cut-out from the a reality TV programme!!

If you want immediate effect then this is not the product for you, it takes time as it is a non-aggressive dye and it still must replenish the nutrients that we lose throughout the day. That is one of the benefits of this product, it still acts a suitable shampoo and smells pretty good. It is the first product of its kind on the market for men that gradually reduces grey with each wash. It couldn’t be easier! Use of the shampoo once or twice a week is sufficient to slowly cover the grey without that harsh, obviously dyed look.

I love the subtle smell as it doesn’t smell of over powering dye! Plus they also offer a anti-dandruff version of the shampoo, as well as versions for lighter hair and blondes.

In my opinion this is a product that helps address the greying mullet without the stigma of full on dye, easy to apply, smells good and subtle.

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