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Procoal Moisturising Sheet Mask

You may already recognise the brand Procoal. They are known in the market for Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening powders, which they first began selling back in 2016.

Procoal are unique to the teeth whitening market as they developed a powder that is high quality, traceable, ethically sourced and only contains ingredients required for teeth whitening not for bulking agents.

Procoal went on to release strips, deodorant, sheet masks and shampoo bars! The ethos behind each is the environmentally friendly approach, providing ingredients that add benefit, not bulk.

To top it all off they are cruelty free and against animal testing.

Having tried the teeth whitening products I was delighted to try the sheet mask and I have not been disappointed. The marine mask releases in December 2018 uses botanical extracts and marine ferments to deliver an instant rush of renewing moisture.

The masks come in sealed poaches with each box containing three masks in total. The sheet masks are sealed in air tight packaging to maintain their freshness. I like to keep mine at room temperature, but I am looking forward to trying them in the summer when its hot and a cool face mask would be welcome.

The benefits of the sea and marine life are well documented when it comes to skincare. These sheets contain a rich serum, made of rice barn, that brings antioxidants to the skin. This hydrates the skin surface and adds pro-vitamin B5 to keep the skin soft and healthy.

The sheets are easy to use, simply wash and dry your face, removing any make up residue. Unfold the mask and peel away on of the layers before positioning on the face with the help of the handing eye and mouth holes. Peel the remaining layer off the skin from your hairline down then press the mask to your face, smoothing over your complexion.

Leave for 15-20 minutes, I wore mine in the bath when I have cleansed my face and my pores were open. When you remove the mask you do not need to wash your face simply massage the residue.

The masks feel surprisingly comfortable and I forgot I was wearing it. It also has done wonders for my skin. I always apply moisturiser and my face feels tight after showering, but this time the skin felt soft and nourished and I did not need to apply my usual moisturiser. The aloe vera in the masks is calming on the skin and soothes it. It worked well with my rosacea and it is suitable for all skin types. So, share the love and have a sheet mask party!

Over the following days I still felt my skin was hydrated and I did not suffer any spots or blemishes. I found that I did not need as much moisturiser as usual either. This is most likely because the mask itself contains 25 grams of serum, that’s nearly a whole bottle in one dose!

At under £4 a mask I will certainly be using them again through the month.

Free from parabens, silicon’s, SLS, mineral oils and paraffin these masks are my favourite secret beauty tool!


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