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Skin Academy: Ink'd Tattoo Care

Guest blogger and tattoo fan Gemma Flinders, @oh_my_gemma, tells TTT all about the Ink'd range of skincare from The Skin Academy.

What is arguably the worst thing for tattoos? The sun. The sun not only has the ability to prematurely age skin, but it can also fade tattoos, and fast.

This is why it is always a great idea, when skin care brands make tattoo specific products, to include a SPF. The Skin Academy have done just that within their Ink’d Tattoo Care range. Their protecting daily moisturiser has a sun protection factor of 15, admittedly this low level isn’t the best, but if you are a sun fiend, this protection will be better than nothing, helping keep those tattoos looking newer for longer.

The cream itself is thick and closely resembles sun cream in texture and scent. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, but like sun cream there is a little residual tackiness on the skin, which is fine if this product is replacing your summer suncare go to, but perhaps wouldn’t be ideal under clothing all year round.

This moisturiser is ONLY for use on healed tattoos and shouldn’t be considered for new pieces. These should be kept out of the sun altogether whilst they are healing.

Skin Academy also have a Nourishing Body Oil, unfortunately this is not suitable for use in the sun, unless charred leather is your preferred look. BUT it is great for use after a hot bath or shower. The oil absorbs well into the skin, however this product seems to be best for leg tattoos as it does leave a slight greasy sheen.

The smell of the product is mild but pleasant, it is enriched with coconut oil which is notoriously great for skin hydration. Application can get a little messy, the oil comes in a spray bottle, the spray for which is quite concentrated, causing a splash back when sprayed against the skin. This just means that it should be applied away from clothing and soft furnishings.

One thing the brand should be shouting about is that they do not test on animals, something that has grown in importance to many consumers over the last decade.

If you are looking to replace your usual sun cream or body oil with one that is cruelty free, these make a great choice. However, it is recommended for optimum anti-aging and sun protection that a SPF 50 is chosen.

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