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Budget Beauty....Or just sensible spending?

The biggest lesson I have learnt since running this site is that money does not always equal value. Sometimes the most economical items provide the best value and it is all down to your expectations, requirements and budget.

Sometimes the most expensive face cream does not work with your complexion as well as the supermarket own brand. Tell me about what products you really get your money’s worth on. Here are a pick of my top buys that won’t break the bank.

Dry Days

The unpredictable UK weather means you can never be sure of your skincare needs. Chap stick or sun block? Hand cream or sun cream?

The weather, stress and age all play havoc with your skin and as I get older I notice my skin is drier, more sensitive and needs a little more TLC.

SheaMoisture is a natural brand known for its hair care products, see my last review here.

Recently they have launched an African black soap body wash and lotion designed for very dry skin.

You would be mistaken to think this might be an activated charcoal product. In fact although it has a black appearance the product is made from leaves, cocoa pods, Shea tree bark and plantains (which are burned to an ash, giving it a dark colour). With added coconut oil and organic fair trade shea butter the body wash and lotion provide vitamin E to moisturise the skin.

It says on the label ‘suitable for severely dry skin’. At first I thought using the wash and lotion might be over kill. Maybe I should use one of the other. In fact they work well together and apart. It is also suitable for eczema and psoriasis prone skin which can be a nightmare!

The collection is available from Boots chemist and online for £11.99.

Relax and Unwind

Summer is literally around the corner and typically I am in panic mode. I should have worked harder in the gym during winter, I should have resisted the chocolate eggs, I should have moisturised more. Ergh...

Now in a panic at the thought of ditching my jeans for a dress I have decided to hit the gym hard!

Hence needing a recuperating and herbal bath at least once a week.

Daytox Natural Mineral Bath Salt comes in a handy sachet. No rough guesses on the amount required and easy to store. I can even take it on holiday and when I stay away for weekends. The pouches are available at Ocado. It’s secret ingredient is ‘BioDtox’ which breaks down acid and produces alkaline. The bath salts help the skin to replenish lost moisture and stimulates cell removal.

BioDtox, which consists of aloe vera, broccoli and citrus, is totally natural and stimulates detoxification of the skin. Oxidisation that can build up due to stress, exercise, pollution and more. The effect on your bath water is to balance the pH, nourish the skin and relax you.

I love the unlimited benefits of this bath salt. I feel like I deserve a treat after my gym sessions or work and because it comes in a handy sachet it seems the perfect reward for my body.

Greek Goddess

After a nice relaxing bath I like to slip into my PJs and dressing gown, but not before some scented body lotion.

One of my favourites at a retail price of £10 is one of the products in the Korres range. Korres is a Greek company founded in Athens by a pharmacist. Korres products are all natural. My top choice is the Neroli Iris Body Milk which is also vegan friendly.

Neroli is a essential oil and has a sweet, honey like scent. Iris is more of a floral smell and contains anti bacterial properties. The milk also contains shea butter and almond oil both great for locking in moisture and nourishing the skin.

This body milk is perfect for cosy evenings. It is a light enough scent that you can use the milk at night or day time. It is not overbearing but natural and light.


It is a misconception to think dry lips are just a symptom of winter. I often forget that the sun and wind can be very drying to the face and that I should carry lip seal or balms year round.

Natruline™ comes in a pot and your would be forgiven for thinking it looks like some very well known brands. However, the big difference is that this treatment is contains no petroleum making it 100% natural and vegan.

Aside from being animal and environmentally friendly Natruline™ provides a more breathable treatment then petroleum jelly alternatives. Its fragrance free and can last up to 8 hours.

I also recently used this in place of Vaseline as a barrier cream when colouring my brows and it works a treat!

At £2.99 it is a real bargain and available at the Beauty Kitchen.

Nailed It

Beauty bargains are not just found in lotions and potions. The high street and online now offers a great selection of quality make up items at reduced cost.

SensatioNail is a well respected nail brand sold within Boots and widely online. They have recently launched a Nailtural nail polish made of 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat.

Ok, ok, potato and corn polish? Really? Yes its vegan and cruelty free and don’t worry it isn’t potato brown or as yellow as corn. My favourite is the Peaceful Peony polish a cute pink that looks great with a French finish or on its own.

It feels exactly like your regular polish and has a high shine. It wears well and is easy to apply.

Check it out for yourself and the other colours in the range here.

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