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Kick yourself into action with Raw Beauty Lab Powder

I see a lot of new beauty supplements, creams, and treatments, and most are variations on what the market already offers. Few have impressed me as much as Raw Beauty Lab’s vegan collagen builder powder.

Just when I thought I had seen all the collagen products available this revolutionary product pops up. Its 100% plant-based, 100% natural, and totally free of animal derivatives. Not just that, it contains other vital nutrients for the skin, hair, and nails.

I am a vegetarian and have been for over 25 years, not a very good one I admit. I have taken collagen supplements via tablets and drinks formed from marine or meat substances. Until now I did not realise the importance of nutrients in your body’s ability to make its own collagen without the need for artificial or animal-based sources.

Raw Beauty Lab has created the perfect powerful natural plant-based collagen builder. It turns out that beauty really does start from within.

The powder, which I used as a daily shake mixed with water contains raspberry, pink pitaya, strawberry, carrot, baobab, beetroot, and inulin powder along with organic camu camu berry and sunflower seed powder. Not a hint of synthetic or animal produced ingredients. So where is the collagen?

It turns out we lose collagen at an astonishing rate as soon as we turn 25. At 37 I feel like I desperately need to catch up with the collagen train. Our bodies simply lose the ability to make the protein which makes our skin so elastic and wrinkle free. While we used to think that creams and lotions can feed our wrinkles and provide the nutrients, we need for them to disappear we now realise that this comes from within. The dermis of the skin is the area that loses the collagen and therefore we need to feed the skin within to show on the outer layers.

To do this we need to kick our inner mechanism into making some collagen and keeping healthy, and to do this it all depends on what we put into our bodies.

Raw Beauty Lab powder contains the naturally occurring vitamin A, C, and E, all products in superfoods. The shakes do not just help signs of aging but also help overall wellness. It is super easy to add these to your routine as well. It gets pretty tiresome taking tablets every day that’s another reason to love this shake. It allows me to up my water intake, plus nutrients in liquid form digest so much quicker and easier into the system.

You don’t have to have it as a shake, you can mix with nut milk or use on cereals, smoothies or mix with porridge.

After 28 days I have noticed plumper skin, fewer blemishes, my skin heels quicker and clearer and my rosacea has been held at bay! Something I battle with daily. I can honestly say I am hooked!

The sachets provide a 30 days’ supply and they offer a subscription service online. There are no long delivery times either as the powders are made in London! What a great way to support locally produced goods and UK businesses.


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