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LQ Liquid Health- Skin, Hair and Nails

The last 6 months have played havoc with my skin and it all comes down to my hormones. After over 15 years of taking the contraceptive combined pill I finally stopped. In fact, I stopped all contraception after I became single. Time to detox my life!

In my bid to be a better me I cut out any artificial hormones, stop taking all prescribed medication, creams or ointments and concentrated on losing weight, being healthier and keeping a positive mindset.

With all detoxes you go through a period of looking and feeling rough before the benefits shine through. For me, my skin, mainly on my face was the biggest concern. Soon after stopping the pill although I lost weight and was healthier, fitter and slimmer I started to get little bumps around my hairline and on my forehead, something I had suffered with prior to taking the pill.

These small bumps are more noticeable when I apply makeup and they make my skin uneven. I needed to work on my skin texture, its balance of oils and keep it hydrated but in natural way.]

The solution came with Liquid Health Skin Nail and Hair Supplements.

LQ has science behind it. It is a UK company founded in 2013 and its products are sold in high street big retailers like Boots and Holland and Barrett.

Recently there has been a significant move to more liquid supplements. These are so much easier to take then capsules / tablets. Ever tried to swallow a collagen tablet? It’s not that easy. The other key attraction is that liquid supplements are said to contain more key ingredients that can be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly.

LQ make a range of supplements for joints, skin care and the heart. This particular supplement came in 50ml handy bottles, that I took once a day.

The supplements are said to maintain healthy skin, support healthy nails and hair growth. It is designed to be taken daily for one month then 3 to 4 times a week for the following months to maintain.

I noticed a marked difference in a week. I had shed a lot of hair which I was concerned about but soon realised I was getting rid of the old dead hair to make way for the new shiny coat. I also noticed my skin was fresher, looked clearer and my dry patches particularly around my nose started to clear. I had dry patches around my nostrils for months, which I thought was a left-over skin concern from a cold.

The supplement contains marine collagen (no more capsules or huge tablets!) and hyaluronic acid. I have mentioned the benefits of hyaluronic acid on the skin in other products.

You can buy LQ Liquid Health supplements direct from the online store here:

£29.99 for 10 bottles of 50ml, currently on offer, buy 3 boxes and save 33%, buy 9 and save 35%


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