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Nourished Personalised Vitamins

The more hectic my lifestyle gets the harder I find it to keep on top of my diet.

With all good intentions I bought various tablet vitamins at the start of the winter from the local chemist. It meant I had 5 tubs of tablets to take on top of my usual iron supplements. Swallowing the tablets and replenishing them is becoming a bit of a chore and I end up not bothering when I am in a rush.

In comes the coolest solution I have ever seen! Nourished. These are little ‘gummy's’, hexagonal, chewy and multicoloured stacks of vitamins. Just think of these as super sized and super impressive multivitamin chews, like the ones you had as a child.

The difference is that these gummy's are 3D printed and totally personal to you! You choose the vitamins your body needs and design your own stack for free! Not just that, you can change and update your stack, mix and match vitamins or choose a pre-set selection to suit your needs.

What could be easier? Well how about this.. You have the choice to buy a month's supply (30) or sign up for a subscription and get your monthly supply delivered every month directly. They also come in a handy wrapper so it's perfect for on the go. I dropped mine into my work bag and snack on the train.

The packaging is labelled with your name so you won’t get your gummy’s mixed up with other family members.

How do they taste? Pretty good! These rainbow stacks look impressive but i have never tasted a decent vitamin tablet. The gummy's are coated in erythritol a plant and fruit based natural sweetener, the website says;

The outer coating on the stack is erythritol – which is one of the safest and most beneficial natural sweeteners on earth. Basically, it has all the things that are good about regular sugar, without any of the negatives.

It doesn’t cause cavities or have an unpleasant aftertaste like some other sugar substitutes.

It makes the vitamins tasty but not too sweet. They are also not overly chewy but nice and soft so they are suitable for those worried about their teeth.

I’m a month into my gummy stacks and I love to play with the personalised stack creator online found here

Not sure where to start then try the quiz to get you going!

Here are my top tips for getting the most from your Nourished subscription!

  • Take time to read the website, each page details the science behind the ingredient, what it helps with and why you might want to include it in your stack. Set aside time to research this as the information is brilliant and comprehensive.

  • Remember you can change your stack, it's personal to you. If you have been told you need more of one vitamin or you maybe have been trying to recover from a cold then include the relevant ingredients.

  • Try different things! If you are not sure where to start then try the already created stacks such as the ‘High Flyer’. All the ingredients are listed and if you like the stack you can add the ingredient to a personal stack and always amend and use this as a basis for your custom stack.


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